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  • 1.2 status
  • Follow ups from last week:
    • QA test plan meeting - how did it go?
    • Test plan for 1.3?
    • Functional map of s/w components
    • Matt's proposal for a QA handoff checklist
    • Server QA plan
    • User registration/authentication load test numbers
    • Thick client testing?
  • 1.3
    • Client
    • Ops
    • Sync server
    • User registration/authentication


  • 1.2b3 went out late last week.
  • Plan is to ship by noon Pacific Friday, QA will hammer on stuff for 2 days.
  • 1.3 test plan will be 1.2 + clint's test plan + test days.
  • Ownerships:
    • Tracy/Tony: Client testing (manual, litmus, crowdsourced load), test day?
    • Clint: Framework for automated client testing, multi-client testing (not for 1.3)
  • QA hand off checklist will be included in the test plan.
  • We'll review 1.3 test plan at next week's meeting.
  • AI: We need to run load tests for register/authentication. Should have results on Thursday.
  • 30 blockers for 1.3 currently.
  • 1.3 won't have complete unit test coverage, but we will establish a baseline.
  • AI: mconnor will include descending order of importance of unit tests along with the engineering plan he'll send out by Tuesday evening.
  • Hardware has been ordered should be available by end of April, will have it up by beginning of April.
  • Staging infrastructure should be up today. This is not meant for load testing.
  • AI: Toby is going to write up migration scripts.
  • AI: 1.3 server will be code frozen this Friday.