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  • 1.2 release (and 1.2.1)
  • Follow ups:
    • Load tests for user registration/authentication -- looking good?
    • mconnor will include descending order of importance of unit tests along with the engineering plan he'll send out by Tuesday evening.
    • Toby is going to write up migration scripts to get users migrated to new server platform.
    • Weave QA Test Strategy created. This is the overview landing page for tracking Testing work for Weave all.
    • 1.3 server will be code frozen this Friday.
    • 1.3 QA test plan
    • Interaction flows (thanks to mconnor:
  • Other items:
    • Usability study findings and next steps.
    • 1.3 bug triage.
    • Meeting format change.
    • iPhone client status.


  • 1.2 was released on Friday, missed some perf issues with large sets of form data. Had to release 1.2.1 over the weekend when we removed caps on form history.
  • AI: We need to do a first sync with a large profile (QA probably has designated fat profiles). Needs to be in the test plan. Owner: Tony.
  • 45 writes/sec on low end test hardware.
  • 100 successful auth/second maybe. Aravind is going to run the numbers on the new hardware.
  • Toby is almost done with migration scripts, should be done by tomorrow.
  • Matt/QA working on a load testing plan, still some confusion about load testing, scope and ownership. Ragavan/Matt/Justin to discuss offline.
  • 1.3 server not quite done, some security bugs have been punted to beyond 1.3. Mconnor/Ragavan/Toby to sync up on gaps and next steps.
  • QA test day planned for April 23.
  • 1.3 bug triage tomorrow.