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  • Time: Tuesday at 9:15 AM PST / 12:15 PM EST / 5:15 PM UTC.
  • Place: Mozilla HQ, Warp Core
  • Phone (US/Intl): 650 903 0800 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (Toronto): 416 848 3114 x92 Conf: 8616#
  • Phone (US): 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf: 8616#



SCL2 work

Upcoming production work


Account Management Portal (Toby)

  • Ready for deployment to production
  • Still need to test forgot password flow (can't do that on stage)

Next-gen Reg/Sync Server (Tarek)

  • waiting for QA (QA wait for Ops)
  • working on sreg
  • reworked the ldap pool -- patch pending

PAKE server (Tarek)

  • will hook a functional test@Stage + Dev in Hudson this week

Identity Server (JR)

Last Week

  • ID storage schema built in dev with SQLAlchemy with only minor hair loss and swearing.
  • started work on sqlalchemy cheat sheet.
  • JS Callback built (for rnewman's client)

This week:

  • Complete account mgm't page
  • Complete verify pages
  • Complete heartbeat and status pages


  • Talk of a major change in product reqs - needs clarification [jrconlin]; client work paused on this, too. [rnewman]

Firefox Home 2.0 (Stefan)

Firefox Home 1.1.1 (Stefan)

App was submitted late last week and is still In Review.

Fennec performance issues (philipp)

Fx4 Sync Blockers (philipp/rnewman)

  • no moar blawkers
  • couple of livemark issues being reported, rnewman is looking into it
  • bad client records cause Sync Errors, should consider silencing them (or even removing... bug 629463)

Notifications (Shane/Alex)

  • Decided upon RabbitMQ with REST API adapter for server architecture
  • Drew up draft spec for Notifications server API
  • This week will be spent building basic functionality conforming to the new spec


  • Waiting for go to test next gen server.
  • Next QA pass at 1.6.3 to be done eod 2/22.
  • Account Portal can be tested again, We'll hit the production setup wen it is ready.
    • update per irc:
 tchung: tarek, telliott: so what's the hold up on getting the nextgen server to qa?
 telliott: you mean for sreg?
 tchung: yea
 tchung: not clear in the meeting notes
 telliott: the new version doesn't talk the same version as the old one
 telliott: which we need to support in production
 tarek: tchung, the plan is to qa the storage server first
 telliott: the next generation of sreg doesn't have the same internal API
 telliott: and that's the version currently deployed to stage
 telliott: it's mostly compatible, but not in the forgot-password flow
 tchung: tarek, telliott okay, so whats the timeline for storage server, then sreg?
 telliott: that I don't know
 telliott: when we launch the new sreg server, we'll need to update account portal to reflect it
 tarek: for storage ask atoll
 tarek: for sreg I'll finish this week
 tarek: then it'll be in ops work pile I guess
 tchung: tarek: alright, please continue to keep tracy and i looped in.  thanks
 tarek: sure, although I don't have any overview of ops agenda so I am not sure when you'll be able to QA storage
 atoll: account portal first, then storage
  • Ongoing testing of sync against Fennec beta 5 and nightlies




  • Security testing of Account Portal was stopped pending account portal functionality
  • Mostly complete. Need to verify reg / sreg changes
  • Account portal is now working. Security testing will be completed by Thursday 2/24



Notes and actions

  • SCL2 - trekking along pretty well. Initial load tests revealed a few config issues and hardware issues.
  • 3 hours to bring up a new rack.
  • Still on track for live users the first week of March.
  • Account portal waiting on security review. Security review should be done in 2 days.
  • Account portal will be hosted on production Phoenix servers today, but won't be live. Security testing will happen once this done.
  • Tracy and Toby have worked on a test plan for Account portal.
  • Account portal will be live to go on March 1 for all users.
  • AI: Thunder should be at this meeting.
  • AI: Thunder should present at this meeting.
  • AI: Thunder to communicate out specifics on recent spec changes and figure out what it means for our Q1 goals and MDN/web dev dependencies.
  • Perf issues on mobile - Nexus S is the best device as far as perf concerned. Galaxy S and Droid 2 perf is still pretty crappy.
  • GC may be an issue.

Follow ups from last week

Fx 4 client

Fx 4 server

Other issues