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This page is a sibling of File a desktop bug, but for iOS.

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Get the Sync logs from the device you’re having problems with

The first step is to save the logs to your iOS device. To do this:

  • Tap the version number in settings 5x, which enables debug settings, one of which is "Debug: copy log files to app container". Select this.

The next step is to get them off the device so they can be attached to bugzilla or otherwise shared.

If you have a Mac

  • Connect your device to the Mac, then browse to the iOS device files. Under Firefox iOS, it will show the log file

for the app, which can then be copied to the computer.

If you don't have a Mac

  • Use the Files app on the device. Select the various log files in that app, then tap the lower right ... to show compress. That will give you a single .zip file you can email to yourself or otherwise obtain.

File a bug

  1. Even if you’ve found an existing bug that may look like the one you’re experiencing, do not add your comments to it. Please always file a new bug, we will dupe it appropriately once we’ve determined the root issue. If you want, you can clone the existing bug or make a cross-reference to it in the summary.
  2. Attach the log file(s) you saved earlier to the bug by uploading an attachment. Do not copy & paste the text into the comment field, it won’t hold enough text!