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The 0.3 release introduced support for Fennec (Firefox Mobile), as well as a new custom server API. To achieve that, a complete rewrite of the server, and of major parts of the client, was completed.

0.3 Features

As with Firefox development (f.e. with Firefox3.5/Features), Weave tasks are prioritized. For Weave, the fuzzy prioritization scheme is:

  • P1: really want
  • P2: want
  • P3: nice to have
Sync Engines
Priority Target Item Bug Status
P1 M1 Bookmarks sync bug 468508 landed
P1 M2 History sync bug 468683 landed
P1 M5 Tab sync bug 468696 landed
P1 M4 Password sync bug 468697 landed
P1 M3 Clients sync bug 468695 landed
User Interface
Priority Target Item Bug Status
P2 M4 Client list UI bug 468695 landed
P3 M4 Fennec login, prefs, status UI landed
P1 M4 Tab sync UI landed, polish needed
P1 M5 Wipe & Reset UI bug 480057 landed, polish needed
Server Support
Priority Target Item Bug Status
P1 M3 Multiple cluster support bug 476117 landed

Release Schedule

These are the target release dates for the milestone releases leading up to the 0.3 release:

  • M3: Wednesday, February 11th
  • M4: Wednesday, February 25th March 2nd
  • M5: Wednesday, March 11th
  • 0.3: Wednesday, March 25th



  • Tab sync UI
  • Client list UI (Firefox)
  • Multiple key support [punt to M5]
  • Fennec History support
  • Password sync


  • Polish
  • Testing
  • Wipe & reset UI
  • Other UI


  • More polish
  • Testing