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The main focus of the 0.5 release is to further improve the stability and scalability of the client and server. This means in addition to bug fixes, we'll also be building some fundamental project infrastructure (automated builds, unit tests, performance benchmarking etc.) to help us get towards a stable 1.0 release.

An additional focus will be on the Weave Fennec client to ensure it has feature parity with the firefox client as well as comparable performance.

Some of the specific items we'll be tackling include:

  • Fennec/Maemo client feature parity
  • Performance baseline/benchmark
  • Server time stamp sync bug (Done)
  • User names should be case insensitive (Bug filed)
  • Increase unit test coverage
  • Server scalability model, scale up to 250K users

Open bugs for the 0.5 release

The target release date for 0.5 is July 27, 2009. Note: The new target release date is July 29, 2009. This is mainly for consistency with our preview releases.