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We use the "blocking-weave1.0+" flag in Bugzilla to track items that are blockers for 1.0. These bugs may be targeted at an earlier release, or targeted for 1.0.


Date Milestone Owner Status
Oct 2 Staging server deployed Zandr Done
Oct 7 Capacity model in place MHanson/Zandr Done (see intranet)
Oct 19 Code freeze for Beta 1 (client and server) MConnor/Mardak Delayed
Oct 23 Hardware for Beta 1 deployed Zandr
Oct 28 Ship Beta 1 client MConnor Delayed, current target Nov 2
Oct 28 Deployment plan for Beta 1 server finalized Toby/Zandr
Nov 1 Hardware platform for GA determined Matthew
Nov 16 Code freeze for GA MConnor/Mardak
Nov 18 Product release review with key stakeholders Ragavan/MConnor
Nov 20 Hardware for GA deployed Matthew
Nov 24 GA announcement/ship Ragavan/MConnor