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2010/01/25: Updated based on discussions.

  • 1.1
    • Smoother transition between single-client and multi-client modes
    • Better tab sync UX (discoverability and usage) on Firefox
    • Better start over flow
    • Localized in 20+ languages
  • 1.2
    • Sync of addons, search engines
    • Improved heuristic and capacity for tab sync (sync more + smarter, probably needs arch changes)
    • Better unit test coverage (may tie to Firefox inclusion?)
  • Server stuff:
    • Server Scaling/New Platform:
      • Make recommendation for h/w platform for Q1 and beyond.
      • Make recommendation for db platform for Q1 and beyond.
  • Internal goals (as in not affecting end users):
    • Dashboard:
      • Stats dashboard in production
      • Accurate ADUs, other stats identified earlier
      • Better integration with Metrics team/processes
    • Other:
      • WEP for favicon cache + legal review
      • Ongoing code reviews for all server/monitoring code - security review in January
      • 1.1 server should be deployed to production by IT