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Main objectives for 1.3 are:

  • UI/UX:
    • Improve first run experience and setting up on additional devices
    • Inform users to connect if they have been inactive in a while:
      • For single clients, inactivity period is 5 days.
      • For multiple clients, inactivity period is 2 days.
  • Dataloss:
    • Do not wipe data when user is requesting a restore.
    • Do not cause unintentional data loss

  • Tabs UX on Desktop Firefox:
    • Improve discoverability and make it easy to open all tabs at once.

  • Unit tests:
    • Coverage for all identified primary areas
  • Perf:
    • Firefox must continue to remain usable and responsive at all times
    • Initial set up may take a few minutes but the user must have clear indication on when they are done and when they have pending items to sync.

  • Other:
    • Do not break other clients (particularly iPhone)
    • Binary security component needs to coexist with js-ctypes
  • l10n:
    • Top 10 locales