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Code Rush is documentary about Netscape and the first release of Mozilla as an open source project. It was recorded between 1998 and depicts the lives of Netscape's employees in Silicon Valley.

Why this project?

The current documentary did not had any exact transcript, there was only a pdf file with scanned of partial audio transcripts.

The plan was to make a full transcript of the documentary and then produce subtitles.

Steps towards completion

Some preliminary work has been done by Sonny and Antoine during RMLL2011 :

  • Investigation about transcript, the pdf file (60Mb) is scanned and sometimes the OCR is failing on words

Write the complete document transcript based on the final cut of Code Rush and the partial audio transcript available.

Synchronize the transcript using Open Source software Aegisub

Deploy the movie with as many languages as possible.

People behind the projet

People who worked on transcript and synchronizing as of now:

People who worked on localizing the subtitles: