All Hands/2015 Whistler/Russet Lake and Overlord Mountain

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I (Nikhil Marathe, am looking to climb Overlord Mountain, which is about 11km (as the crow flies) from the top of Whistler Mountain. A prior trip report can be found here -

If you are interested, please email me.

Date: Either Fri-Sat (Jun 26-27) or Sat-Sun (Jun 27-28)

This is NOT a guided trip. You must have prior camping/backpacking experience and be able to hike fairly fast. On day 1 we will leave (sunsets are at almost 9:30pm so we have time), take the Whistler Gondola to the summit of whistler mountain and then hike to Russet Lake. We will camp there for the night. Next morning, we'll hike to Overlord mountain via the west ridge, which is usually glacier free. People not interested in this are still welcome to camp at Russet Lake and then go back the next morning or go on some other hike. Then we will reverse the route back to Whistler. I expect to be done by 5-6pm on the second day, if not earlier.

It will be my first time to Whistler, and it is a bit early to know what conditions will be like (temperatures and snow cover on the ground), but, at a minimum you will need: - 0C (~30F) or lower rated sleeping bag - Sleeping pad - Good shoes/boots for hiking. - Food for 1.5-2 days - Enough bottles to carry 2-3L of water - Basic safety and personal equipment (knife, compass, medications etc.) - Sun protection - sunscreen, lip balm, hat/cap - Good synthetic clothing - long pants recommended, it may be windy even if it is sunny - a rain jacket - some insulating layers, I expect temperatures will be 5-6 Celsius at night if not lower. - A backpack which can carry all of this

Depending on snow conditions you may need: - Ice axe - Crampons