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What is it? -- multiple work weeks, happening in the same city, at the same time + some opportunity to get together as one big group as well as with other teams as it makes sense. Then, on the last day, we have a fun social event for all, Mozilla-style!

Dates, Location and Weather

Monday, June 22 - Friday, June 26, 2015 (travel days are Monday & Saturday*) in Whistler, British Columbia, CANADA (various venues, all within Whistler Village. Feel free to use/edit this OpenStreetMap version)

Downloadable and printable map

*For those countries where rest time is required on weekends (vs. work travel), Mozilla will cover a return on the next available work day, if you choose.


Averages temperatures range from lows of 48 Fahrenheit (9 Celsius) to 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). It can/will rain and will be cool (could even snow of Friday night since the party’s at ~6,000 feet/1,850 metres). Bring layers but a ski jacket isn’t necessary.



This is an invite only event and registration is complete. You should have received a confirmation email. If you are unsure if you are registered, email

Booking Travel

All paid staff and Elancers (MoCo only [1], exceptions below [2]) may begin booking their air travel to Vancouver (YVR) through a special “meeting” section of Egencia. The meeting section ensures we can meaningfully balance 1,000 of us to booking our own flights with a need to be mindful of budget. As such, we ask that you only book Whistler travel within this framework (instructions here). Please complete all bookings by 17 April 2015.

  • [1] Mozilla Foundation employees - Angela Plohman is your coordinator.
  • [2] Employees from our Japan office will use a local agency and Yuka Takagi is your coordinator.

We have secured hotel rooms for everyone (please do not book hotel) - see below for Hotel & Meeting Space information.

Air Travel Guidelines (and tips)

Our standard travel guidelines apply (pre-populated in Egencia and here for reference) when booking for Whistler. Anything booked outside of them will require approval.

Everyone should plan to arrive in Vancouver, BC (YVR) on Monday, June 22. Exceptions are possible for those traveling on long distance flights that require an earlier arrival. Everyone should plan to depart from Vancouver, BC (YVR) on Saturday, June 27. NOTE: You will need to leave Whistler at least five hours prior to your flight. Please consider this when booking your departure.

If you are traveling from afar, we recommend avoiding a layover in the United States and aiming for one in Canada. This minimizes the number of visas you will need.

Early Arrivals/Late Departures

Provided there is no incremental cost (>$100USD) to your airfare for an earlier arrival or later departure, you are totally welcome to have at it. While we have negotiated rates with some Whistler hotels for the three days prior to and the three days following our work week, they are subject to availability (NOTE: There is a big deal event going on just prior to our work week in Whistler, so it’s going to be tough to get a room no matter what. In Vancouver, matches of the Women's Football (Soccer) World Cup take place before, during and after the workweek.)

Canadian Visas

Check here to see if you need a visa: You can request a visa invitation letter during registration. You will need to provide your passport details for the letter.

Some people are not allowed to come to Canada (known as “inadmissible” under Canada’s immigration law), check here to see if you might be "inadmissible" (you'll be turned away at the border if you are, so best to know ahead of time): and

Not paid staff

If you are a vendor (paid by a company other than Mozilla or Elance), contractor, or seasonal staff, your manager must confirm your participation before you will be able to book travel. We have reached out to managers for this confirmation and will let you know when you may book your travel.

Interns -- Participation will be coordinated by Misty Orr and Kyle Poffenroth. Volunteers -- Participation will be coordinated by Brian King and George Roter. They have reached out already to each team, but if you’re unsure if your team was included, please get in touch with them. Volunteer Invites Criteria Partners -- Invitations will be considered on a case by case basis. Please send those requests to for review.

New Hires

We have a process to identify new hires each week and will invite them to book travel (and register) on a steady basis. No action necessary from managers other than to let them know about the event.

Arriving at Vancouver International Airport

Documentation for Canadian Customs

We have informed Canadian Customs about the Whistler Work Week. It is recommended that you carry this letter from Canada Border Services Agency with you while traveling and present it to any Border Customs Agent.

If you're flying from outside of Canada
You'll be handed a Declaration Card(PDF) on your flight. Fill out this card out before you land:
  • the purpose of your travel is "Business",
  • declare any gifts, alcohol, or tobacco that you are bringing into the country,
  • you do not need to declare personal baggage such as your computer, camera, and clothing as long as you're taking it with you when you leave.
When you arrive at the airport, follow the signs for "Canada Arrivals" to Canada Customs and Immigration. Hand your Declaration Card and Passport to the officer, and explain that you are visiting for a conference in Whistler, BC. If they ask for evidence of your invitation to the conference, produce the Pocket Letter that Mozilla sent you. The officer will mark and return your card and direct you to the baggage claim. Collect your bags and exit the Customs Hall, turning in your marked Declaration Card to the officer at the doors.
If you're flying from within Canada
If you're coming from within Canada, simply proceed to the baggage claim from your gate once you arrive.

Ground Transportation to/from YVR

Ground transfers via bus from Vancouver Int’l Airport to Whistler will be provided on Monday, June 22nd and from Whistler to Vancouver Int’l Airport on Saturday, June 27th.

Ground Transportation Contact Phone Numbers Arrive to YVR and can’t find a Greeter? Wondering where to go to catch your shuttle? Please call/text: 604.938.3531 or 604.905.7779 or email

Need to update us with new flight information? Want to request a new departure time? Please call/text Korrin Bizek at 425.444.4279, or email at


Airport shuttles on Monday, June 22 are scheduled based upon your flights. That means if you arrive on June 22, we have a seat for you. If you arrive prior to June 22 and have not made other arrangements or gotten specific instructions, please plan to be at the airport between 10 am and 5 pm to board a shuttle.

YVR Domestic Arrivals: After departing the plane, please proceed to the luggage carousel area. There you will find meet and greet staff with Mozilla signage. Follow their direction and they will show you to the bus for your transfer to Whistler. Be prepared to tell the driver your hotel location so they can ensure you and your luggage make it to the appropriate location in Whistler.

YVR International Arrivals: After departing the plane, gathering your luggage and clearing customs please proceed through the double set of glass doors. Once through you will find your meet and greet person, with a Mozilla sign. Follow their direction and they will show you to the bus for your transfer to Whistler. Be prepared to tell the driver your hotel location so they can ensure you and your luggage make it to the appropriate location in Whistler.

Already in Vancouver?

If you arrive prior to June 22 and have not made other arrangements or gotten specific instructions, please plan to be at the airport between 10 am and 5 pm to board a shuttle. Go to the baggage claim area and look for Mozilla signs.

Vancouver office, MDN Orientation and those arriving by trains and boats, we will have 2 shuttles from the office (one at 11 am and one at 1 pm), please add your name here so we can track you. Sign-ups for this list close on Friday, June 5.

For those of you staying at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, we will have shuttles departing at 11 am from the main entrance on Monday, June 22. If you would like to depart earlier or later, you will need to make your way to the airport terminal and the transportation team will get you on a coach with space, between 10 am and 5 pm.

Departing Early?

If you are departing Whistler prior to the 27th, you will need to book your transportation on your own here. On the main page, choose one of the two services and only enter a departure date. For the Shuttle, on the second page, there will be a drop down where you can choose "Whistler Village to YVR Airport" and reconfirm your date. For the van, there are options for Whistler to YVR. Then, for both "add it to your cart" and "then proceed to checkout" and that is where it will ask for your personal information and get you booked. Please do not use this if you are departing on 6/27.

Departures on 6/27

Shuttles will pick up from each hotel. There will be a staff person in each hotel lobby to help you. We will post a list with your assigned departure time. Please be ready in the lobby of your hotel at this time.

Hotel Assignments/Reservations & Meeting Space

We have all hotels rooms covered and we’ll try to get teams in hotels together where possible. The hotels are all close together , so even if it the numbers aren’t perfect, it should all work pretty well. You have all received a confirmation email with your hotel assignment and dates - if not, email and request one. If you asked to extend at your own cost, the email will include that information as well.

Everyone will have individual rooms (unless you want to share). Interns will be sharing rooms.

There is complimentary wifi in the hotel rooms and lobby spaces so everyone can work in the evenings or prepare stuff for the next day.

INTERNET for meetings

Internet in your guestroom is provided by the hotel and the standard hotel network. It is free, use it.

Internet in the meeting spaces: YES! We have it. Click here for all the passwords

Parking in Whistler

Parking - For those who are renting a car or driving up from Vancouver. There are less expensive options than parking at your hotel. With everything being within walking distance, there a lot of options here. Parking lots 4 and 5 are free parking, but a car would need to be moved every 72 hours. And for $30 you can get a month pass and park in lots 1, 2, and 3 as well.

Smoking in Whistler

Smoking in all of Canada has been banned in all indoor spaces since 2010 - this includes bars, restaurants & casinos. All of our hotels and venues are non-smoking. Here are specifics by all of our event venues. Most venues have fines for smoking starting at $250 CAD and up.

Not feeling well?

Here is a walk-in clinic available in the village.

Families and loved ones at work weeks

As a general principle, when organizing our work weeks, we look to design an experience that accommodates a variety of individual situations and requirements while also ensuring we have a productive and focused event.

Because of our size and varied space requirements (we require 3x the breakout space of most corporate meetings), it's cheaper to book our work weeks in holiday locations -- or cities like Portland -- during off-seasons. This approach means we can get the best rates and these cities typically already have great transportation infrastructure, resources for meals and social event, proximity to a major airport, have ample hotels, etc.

As part of planning, we work with hotels to ensure our employees, at their own expense, are able to extend their stay before or after our event, at our negotiated group rates. This makes it easier for anyone wanting to organize a getaway at the work week destination with their family and/or other Mozillians


In most cases, group discount rates apply for least three nights before and three night after our events. Reservations for those rooms are based on availability, should be requested as part of registration, and are at your expense. For those who plan getaways, our preference is for those to happen towards the end of the week. That way, when space permits, they can attend our Friday night event (typically only for adults).
Before you decide to invite your partner or family (thinking kids or parents, not cousins or uncles) to join you for the full week, make sure they know what is expect of you. That for the majority of the time, your attention, focus and presence will need to be on your team and on Mozilla. Meals and any full-company social events, other than the Friday party (which we will open as broadly as our space permits in most cases), will be at your expense too.

Mother’s Room Requests

If you need one during the week, please go here and add your needs.

Food & Drink

All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided and paid for centrally. It is all local, fresh and delicious. Any other food or drink expenses (including room service and in-room minibar charges) will be the responsibility of the attendee.

  • Allergies: We will ensure that all food/environmental allergies are taken into consideration and will always have gluten-free and vegan options (and gfv options). If you have severe allergies that we need to know about; you can indicate in registration, or email
  • Menus: Here are menus! This doesn't include snacks, which there will be plenty of.

Welcome Reception on Monday

From 7 pm to 9 pm, we'll be showing off a bit of Whistler cuisine with plenty of food and drink + some local entertainment. The Information Desk will be open for any questions. Stay as long as you like (or go explore).

Breakfast Daily

Breakfast (including espresso) will be at the Whistler Conference Centre daily, Tuesday through Saturday. Check sched for exact timing each day.

Lunch Daily

Lunch on Tuesday and Thursday will be boxed lunches that you can grab as you leave the All Hands and take where you want. Eat with the bears, eat with your colleagues - totally up to you.

Lunch on Wednesday & Friday varies a bit based upon where your meetings take place:

  • Lunch at Whistler Conference Centre will be those meeting at WCC, Delta, Aava, Pan Pacific Mountainside, Pan Pacific Village Centre and Crystal Lodge.
  • Lunch at Hilton for those meeting at Hilton
  • Lunch at Westin for those meeting at Westin
  • Lunch at Fairmont for those meeting at Fairmont
  • Lunch at Four Seasons for those meeting at Four Seasons

Dinner on Tuesday & Thursday

These will be at various restaurants in Whistler Village - at your choice and for you to go when you like. You will be provided meal voucher tickets on arrival in Whistler that will be valid for Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This list shows the restaurants that are participating, with details about hours, menus, etc. Restaurants not on this list are not participating (and may not be expensed). Amounts above the voucher value ($40) may not be expensed.

Dinner on Wednesday

We have a group dinner for everyone at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Center from 6 pm - 10 pm, with dessert and local music at the Fairmont after. Add it to your schedule here

Friday Night Party

So excited! Will be lovely. We'll feed, water & entertain you.

We’re going for a lumberjack chic vibe, being in the mountains. What that means exactly, is up to you - but please, leave your chainsaw or axe at home. The party is at 6,000 feet, so it could be chilly, even snow. Keep that in mind when considering your wardrobe.

Gondola rides will start at 6:30 pm.


If you observe Ramadan and need accommodations for meals outside of daylight hours, please add your name here. Please note that the sun will rise at 5:00 am and set at 9:25 pm while we are in Whistler.

Out of Pocket Expenses

The intention of our work weeks are to centrally organize a structure within which teams can come together to work on deliverables and plans, to socialize, to meet and share with other teams, and generally come together as one Mozilla family, two times each year. The central organization includes meals (three/day + snacks), transportation, accommodations, and some number of social events.

Because of that, we’d expect a very limited number, if any, of work week-related expenses for food or social events (this includes team events, room service, mini-bar charges, and food/drink costs above the vouched amounts). Any social events that are not part of our central plan will generally be self-organized and funded by participants. This is a modified policy from Portland. For specifics on meals, please go to the Food & Drink section (above). If you have questions about any of this, please reach out to

Volunteer Reimbursement via Reps

Volunteers attending this event may submit for visa and U.S. travel/health insurance- related costs (and other incidentals) via Mozilla Reps:

Mozilla Reps attending this event may submit for reimbursement through the standard process. Mozillians who are not Mozilla Reps should contact a local Rep and the Rep will help them get reimbursed. The process is as follows:

Step 1: contact a Rep in your country*
Step 2: once the Rep has accepted to process your reimbursement, give them an estimate of what your costs will be. If you need the funds beforehand, be sure to say that
Step 3: after the event, send him/her all your scanned receipts and bank details/paypal account
Step 4: inform the Rep once you have successfully received the funds

Schedule, Sched and Tracks

Here is a high-level schedule for Whistler (some things may shift but the event start and end times are firm).

Scheduling Tool

For Whistler, we’re using Sched as our online scheduling tool. This replaces the giant spreadsheet we had last year and is where you go when you need to know where to be and when. This is a public website. Thus, anything we put into our session summaries or anything you sign up for is public. Think of this as twitter - if you wouldn't tweet it, it probably shouldn't be right IN sched. It could be in a link (with @Mozilla only access). Because of that, we shouldn’t use sched for Legal or proprietary information and anything about partners, vendors and the relationships with each


With the tool, you can create a customized calendar view so you see only those sessions you need to attend. There is a mobile web app that allows you to view your personal schedule, browse what's happening right now or search for what you want. The mobile web app stores the schedule data locally on your phone for offline access too. (handy!) Head to the website on your phone and you can bookmark (or add to your home screen) the site, making the data available offline.

Creating a profile

You can create a profile with as little information as a name (alias is okay) and an email. We do recommend that you choose a new password, and not one used on other sites. This profile enables you to create your own custom schedule. As you go through the agenda, you can check items to add to your schedule (click the circle to the left of the session title).

Adding a session will identify you as attending a session or event and others can see if you are going. You can make yourself a private profile by going to settings, and clicking the “Hide my profile & schedule from others at this event.”

Once you have a profile and have added sessions, you can do many things, including subscribing to the iCal feed in your calendar program or mobile phone. You will have instant, offline access to your schedule or the entire schedule of events. It even automatically pulls in updates of schedule changes. There are specific instructions available on their website, as well as a video tour.

Here is a link to Sched’s privacy policy

If you do not want to create a profile

For those who don't want to sign up for a sched account, Sched provides an ics feed.

In Google Calendar: Click on the down arrow next to Other Calendars Select "Add by URL" Enter this url: The calendar will appear under Other Calendars. Once the calendar is imported, it will be updated once a day. There's no way to change the frequency of updates. A note: you will see all schedules in this view (not a personal calendar).

Tracks Open to All

Mozilla-Wide 'Science Fair' (& Drink)

On Tuesday from 5pm - 7pm Mozillians will be showing off their projects at our first-ever Work Week “Science Fair.” This will be an informal gathering where you can demo your latest stuff. Did we mention this is over drinks?

  • When & Where. Tuesday June 23, 5pm - 7pm at Whistler Conference Centre Grand Foyer (go to the main lobby right outside the Sea to Sky Ballroom where we have our all-hands sessions)
  • What will I see? Check out who is showing off what here.
  • Questions? Ask Diane Tate <>
Data, User, and Market Insights Track

On Thursday afternoon, at the Four Seasons Piccolo room, Mozillians from throughout the Project will make short presentations about what they are working on in the area of better understanding our users. The initial calendar is available here. Watch this space or the ( for further details.


Anything not covered here, please add to this document and we'll answer

Extra Curriculars

If you have one to propose, add it here with a sign up link. Note that these things are self-organized and self-funded.

Significant Others in Whistler? Share names & ideas here

Families of Whistlandia If your kids are coming, sign up here to share events and fun (its locked down to addresses for security, but just ask to join and tell me who you are if you want in from another email)

Moz Jam Band: Getting Mozillians together to make music + perform a set at the end of the week (Show your interest here)

Birding Let's go birding around Whistler before breakfast, Weds AM.

Workweek Gaming - was popular after-hours activity at Portland

Whistler Bike Park 3-lap sampler - for the cycling inclined

Full List of Whistler/Blackcomb Activities - Peak2Peak, Ziptrek, Rafting, Alpine Tours, many more

Overnight hike - Hike and camp at Russet Lake and summit Overlord Mountain. Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun weekend after work week.

Day hike - Non-overnight hiking trip, either on Monday or on Saturday. If interested, please indicate your preference on the etherpad!

Paraglide Pemberton valley - 1/2 day, 20min drive from Whistler

Skydive Pemberton valley - 1/2 day, 20min drive from Whistler

Zumba with Rowe! - Please sign up for Wednesday at 7:45 am or Thursday at 4:30 pm. Maximum 20 spots each class.

Squash - There are two courts at "Meadow Park Sports Center" nearby Whistler village (10-min bus transportation). Please sign up.

Rock climbing - Let's go rock climbing together! In the Whistler Core Climbing and Fitness Centre!

Running groups - Find Mozillians to run with in scenic Whistler! Sign up to lead a running group, or join one!

The Crystal Lounge has karaoke night Tuesday night starting at 9pm. No sign up needed, but contact Ted Mielczarek if you're interested in going (a rough head count would be nice).

Disc Golf Any Disc Golfers out there? Take a flex dinning evening to rattle some chains.

Mozilla Introverts List - A list of things to help folks recover from days filled with people.

Vancouver before and after

If you are in Vancouver before or after the Work Week, the Vancouver office are running some events. These are all self funded and organized. If you would like to come, please add yourself to the google doc here. Currently we've got the following:

Whistler Activities - Discount Link

We’ve also negotiated some discounted rates on some fun things to do in and around Whistler and that list is here