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Work Week Jam Session

The idea is to have a selection of musical equipment available in a room during the work week. Mozillians who play instruments can come down get together with other musicians and either Jam something or work on a specific tune whether it's original material or a cover. We'd be looking for singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers etc.

The idea is that we'd rehearse during downtime in the evenings so that we could play a set at the end of the week.

Before we get this idea off the ground the first part of this is finding out if people are interested in doing this and if there is enough interest from Mozilla musicians.

If you want to chat about the setup, songs, ... join #musicians on the Mozilla IRC.

Activity location

Rainbow Theatre, Lower Level, Whistler Conference Centre

Times activity will be available

Roughly 6pm till about 11.30pm, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.

Tuesday 23rd June participants

Key holder: Chris Mills

Other attendees: Eli Perelman

Wednesday 24rd June participants

Key holder: Stuart Colville

Other attendees: Eli Perelman

Thursday 25rd June participants

Key holder: Chris Mills/Stuart Colville/someone else want to give it a go? ;-)

Other attendees: Eli Perelman

Track list

Put the details of any tracks you're interested in covering so other like-minded musicians can have a listen and maybe work out some of the parts. Put your name too so we know what day you're playing.

Name irc nick What you'll be doing/playing Song/Track + Artist Resources (e.g. audio (e.g spotify) etc) who else is interested?
Chris Mills chrismills drums Something by Black Sabbath, Metallica or the Dead Kennedys, cos it's easy to play drums to Trawl on Youtube garvank knows the sabbath
Chris Mills chrismills singing Something by Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains, as I can sing this stuff fairly well, e.g. Alive, Even Flow, Rooster Trawl on Youtube garvank
Chris Mills chrismills singing "Bullet in the Head" by Rage against the Machine, as I know the words off by heart and wouldn't mind giving it a go gfritzsche / bass
Chris Mills chrismills singing or drums I'd also love to do some Zappa, although the ones I can sing are the really offensive ones ;-). Playing something really techie like Zomby Woof would be awesome if we could get it right chadw
Francisco Picolini francjp guitar Anything of Alice in Chains, Mad Season. Some stuff from Pearl Jam, Stone temple pilots, Blind Melon, Nirvana. Suck my kiss, Under the bridge (RHCP); Naked (Reef); Roxanne (The Police); Zero, Bullet with Butterfly wings (Smashing Pumpkins); Cover me (Candlebox); Pure massacre (Silverchair) deimidis
Stuart Colville muffinresearch guitar Chank by John Scofield, Time is Tight: Booker T & the MGs, Inner City Blues: Reuben Wilson version, Cosmik Debris: Zappa Chank: Time is tight: inner city blues: Zapp - Cosmik debris chadw
Myk Melez myk drums I'd love to take a well-known rock or pop song and punk it up. Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, etc. It can be ironic or sincere, as long as it's punk! Prior Art: 7 Seconds - 99 Red Balloons, Bodyjar - Hazy Shade Of Winter, Bad Religion - Christmas Songs, and everything by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. chrismills: this would be an easy and fun option to get things done quickly.

klez (bass): would love to try :-)

Chad Weiner chadw bass/vox Beatles/Lennon: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Instant Karma" Traffic: "Medicated Goo", Steely Dan: "Green Earings", Bluegrass Trad.: "Rocky Top", "Ginseng Sullivan" Pink Floyd: "Pigs (3 diff. ones) garvank you had me at Ginseng Sullivan; mruttley can do Beatles WMGGW (have played it before, have good sheet music for it).
Michał Dziewoński vesper drums/vocals I'm happy playing almost anything, as long as it's not too challenging. AC/DC, a-ha, Billy Idol, Type O Negative, Danzig, L7, Machines of Loving Grace, Monster Magnet, VAST - they all have good (and easy ;D) songs some examples:,,,,,,,, etc.
Rebecca Davies RebsD French horn Seeking other brassers: trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba. OR...a pianist and vocalist to perform a bit of Flanders and Swann. who else is interested?

| Name || irc nick || What you'll be doing/playing || Song/Track + Artist || Resources (e.g. audio (e.g spotify) etc) || who else is interested? || |}

Raw participant list

If you're keen to play please add your name and details to this table:

Name irc nick Instruments Musical interests Bringing own instrument
Joe Cheng jcheng Drums Rock but open to anything No, I can bring drumsticks ;)
Stuart Colville muffinresearch Guitar, Bass, Digeridu Jamming/improv + covers No
Chad Weiner chadw Bass/Vocals I'm in a Phish tribute band so...let's call it jamming/improv No
Eli Perelman Eli Drums Jamming/improv + covers Yes (Ableton Push, Octapad, sticks)
Chris Mills chrismills Drum kit, hand drums/percussion (e.g. Djembe), vocals, lyric ideas, guitar (badly) Whatever comes up. I mainly love metal/prog/punk/horrible noise, but I am very open minded. I could bring hand drums, but not drum kit ;-)
Paul McLanahan pmac Guitar, Vocals ALL THE THINGS! (I'll try anyway) No
Daniel Maher phrawzty percussion, berimbau, vocals, lyrics down for whatever wavedrum (maybe)
David Durst ddurst keyboards preferably not pop, but that's me (I wish) No
Michal Dziewonski drums, karaoke-grade vocals jamming and post-sludge electronic ambient ;) Nope, I can bring drum sticks, though
Alon Zakai azakai Guitar (mostly but not only classical/nylon-string) Rock, Bach, anything else No
Dan Gohman sunfish keyboards, backup vocals, non-drumset percussion, schlagenfrappe I'll try just about anything but preferrably no ukeleles No
Mark Reid mreid Guitar, Bass * No, though I could possibly bring a little pedalboard for some fx & tuning
Rehan Dalal rdalal Guitar, Vox I'm open to anything Yes, I'll have my baritone Strat. Will need an amp.
Gerv Markham gerv Vocals Happy to try anything whose lyrics I wouldn't mind showing my Mum Yes :-)
Georg Fritzsche gfritzsche Bass jamming, funky stuff, rock, odd rythms No, might bring pedals (tuning, comp, sansamp vt)
Syd Polk sydpolk soprano or alto sax + flute jazz, classical, soul, funk, r&b yes
Jb Piacentino jb Vocals About anything, pref rock Sure!
Nihanth Subramanya nhnt11 Guitar Blues/rock, but probably anything else as well. No :(
Matthew Ruttley mruttley Classical Guitar but can stretch to others Early Music, Lute, Swing, Contemporary classical No
Myk Melez myk Drums I like both kinds of music. Not likely.
Jeremie Patonnier Jeremie Guitar Jamming (Rock, Funk, Jazz, whatever) No :(
Justin Terry jterry Guitar (Electric/Acoustic) & Mandolin Classic, Funk, Folk, Indie, Jam, most things Bringing my Mandolin, but would love to jam on a guitar too!
Bill Walker bwalker Keyboards, backup vocals Jazz standards and rock covers Will bring jazz fakebook PDF's
Francisco Picolini francjp Guitar (electric/acoustic) Grunge, Indie, Rock nop, unless I can buy something there :(
Mark Jeffries mjeffries Bass Guitar/vocals Many styles, but enjoy rocking out, esp. bass heavy punk/New Wave (Sisters of Mercy, Jam, Joy Division) No (will be traveling light this time) - will bring SansAmp & compressor
Guillermo Movia deimidis Vocal, percussion covers, grunge, Led Zeppelin, NIN, Beatles No
Caitlin Galimidi c8o Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (rhythm, poorly) jazz, electronic, singer-songwriter, rock and country vocals mic, vocal amp, acoustic guitar, and conga (Toca)
Robert Kaiser KaiRo Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (rhythm, poorly) singer-songwriter, Country, Rock No
Daniel Davis tagawa Ukulele, Vocals rock, pop, folk, geeky songs Probably, if Dan Gohman's not looking
Jean-Marc Valin jmspeex Electric guitar rock, pop (some blues or metal) no
Geo Mealer geo Vocals rock, pop (esp 80s/new wave/alt) Voice (but no mic)
Yi-Fan Liao yifan drums & vocals a little bit 80s rock drumsticks
Garvan Keeley garvank Lefty guitar and sketchy vocals ping me for hippie music: G.Dead, N.Young, Dylan, The Band No
Alba G. Fuentes Antiparticle Violin & Piano Any kind of music, jamming Not sure
Example Example Example Example

Instrument Hire List Draft

Here's what we'd likely need to hire. Note: Don't add to this it'll be updated based on the table above. If you're a brass/woodwind player it'll probably be possible to bring an instrument as the size wouldn't be too much of a problem (That is assuming we're not talking about tubas :)).

Description Quantity
PA + Mixer (this will be room-size dependent, but make it big enough to handle drum input + all the possible inputs below) 1
Vocal/Instrument Mics + stands + leads 8
Electric Guitars + guitar stands + strap 4, including one left handed one
Acoustic (ElectroAcoustic) Guitars (at least 1 of which has nylon strings) + acoustic stands + strap 3
Bass Guitar + stand + strap (one 4 string bass and one 5 string, perhaps? Make sure at least one is 4 string) 2
Bass Amp (at least 2x10"/2x12"? e.g. SWR Redhead) 1
Guitar Amp (Fender Deluxe or similar) 2
Keyboard + stand + stool (something that can do good electric / acoustic piano / organ sounds) 1
Full drum kit + stool, with double bass drum pedal? 2
Kick drum mic 2
Hand percussion (bongos, tambourine, cajón, etc.)  ?
Spare strings for all the guitars and basses  ?

We are unable to rent: Digeridu Berimbau Schlagenfrappe