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This is a summary of the changes made between the original contributor form and the final version.

  1. All references to CVS have been removed and generalised, so the agreement is now not dependent on the particular Source Code Management System that the project uses.
  2. References to have been changed to The Mozilla Foundation, a legal entity with whom the agreement is made.
  3. The title of the form has therefore changed from "CVS Contributor Form" to "Mozilla Foundation Committers' Agreement".
  4. The word "Code" has been given a broader definition which includes all information submitted to the project, including documentation.
  5. The potential Committer is now addressed as You throughout.
  6. The request for an Employer Name has been removed. This is because the Committer has an obligation to make sure he has the right to submit code anyway, and because people change employers but keep contributing so this information goes out of date.
  7. The License Terms section has been updated to give the tri-license as the standard project license. A URL of the place where the project declares other licenses acceptable has been given.
  8. References to the NPL have been removed.
  9. The language has been tweaked to permit people to check in pseudonymous contributions from others, on the basis that it's hardly possible to ban them.
  10. The language concerning identification of code written by others has been tweaked to permit current practice (which is to reference a bug number wherein the details of the submitter can be found).
  11. References to usernames and passwords have been generalised to "credentials", on the basis that access is now permitted on the basis of SSH keys, and may use other mechanisms in future.