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Notification Address

WARNING: This is surely wrong, the address below is two moves ago

Please mail completed Committers Agreements to:

Marcia Knous
Mozilla Corporation
1981 Landings Drive. Building K
Mountain View, California 94043

If you want potentially quicker access, fax it to the attention of Marcia Knous at +1 (650) 903 0875 and make a note of this in your CVS access request bug. Marcia or her designee should respond by updating your bug to confirm (or not) receipt of the fax.

Compromised Password Procedure

If you have reason to believe that anyone else has used your credentials to access a Mozilla project system, please do the following:

  1. File a bug in the "" product, "Server Operations: Security" component, asking for your password to be changed immediately.
  2. Go onto IRC, to channel #bmo, and make sure someone pays attention to it.