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Focus Area: Web hosting for localizer websites and repositories
Referred by: Comment posted to Seth's blog
Other research or references: Chris Hofmann, Axel Hecht, Justin Fitzhugh.
Need: Many localizer teams are maintaining files and hosting services on local/personal computers.
Specific Request: Hosting services in European colo facility.
Cost: $10,000 (Pays for hardware (see attached), Windows license, VA Tax)
Reason this empowers the community: Provides public hosting services for groups of localizers. No longer held on private servers maintained by individuals. Provides a safety net for Mozilla by allowing us to back up files. Also, provides a way to capture institutional knowledge that can come and go with volunteers.
How has this individual helped advance the core mission of Mozilla? It provides a great resource to many Mozilla community members who are localizing Mozilla products in their home countries/languages. Also provides a great benefit to Mozilla.
Other issues:

1) The hosting service provided should not be considered an ISP; 2) The hosting service will not serve as a web tool similar to a forum where there is liability; 3) We will provide a limited space to each localization (what will that space allotment be?); 4) We need to limit liability. Beginning thoughts were that we start with a standard file sharing solution where localizers and developers can store information.

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