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If you have appropriate skills and would like to volunteer to be a Summer of Code mentor, please sign up as a mentor in the Google interface (Google account required) and then add your name and skill set here.

If you and your talents are well-known in the core Mozilla development community, signing up here is probably not necessary - just do the Google step. This page is just so when we see names in the Google mentors interface and go "Huh?", we can read it to find out who you are :-)

Name Stuff worked on in the past Areas of expertise
John Q. Example The FrobbleWidget extension; patches for the throbber animation code XUL extension development, XPCOM
Eric H. Jung FoxyProxy extension; PasswordMaker extension;MDC as user 'Grimholtz';MozillaZine KB as user 'Grimholtz; dev-extensions mailing list; MozillaZine Extension Development Forum; active Mozdev community member The more I know, the less I understand.
Nagappan A Maintainer of Linux Desktop Testing (LDTP) project. Was one of the mentor in Google SoC 2006 under GNOME organization. As part of the last year SoC we have worked on Tinderbox integration and the respective patches are available here. Went to Mozilla Accessibility meet October 2006; trip to Boston was sponsored by Mozilla Foundation. Test automation, Python, C, Accessibility
Emily Chen Working in Sun China doing QA of Firefox 3.x and also accessibility. QA, Accessibility
Brian King, Briks Software XUL, JavaScript, XULRunner. Platform and front end in general.