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Looking for this year's Summer of Code information? Step right this way.

This page lists all the Google Summer of Code 2010 projects with confirmed mentors, and which have been approved by the SoC administrator. New suggestions can be made on the Brainstorming page.

Potential students: you may choose from the list below, but you do not have to. Feel free to submit a proposal for your own idea. However, before you do so, see the guidelines for good ideas. You can also discuss your ideas or application in the #developers channel on IRC: irc:// .

In addition to the specifically-named projects below, we have also tagged a number of bugs in Bugzilla with the keyword student-project. However, as the idea of a "student project" is wider than just the Summer of Code, students looking through the list will need to decide whether any particular bug listed there is actually the right size and scope for Summer of Code.

Application Advice

Questions of any sort? Send mail to Gerv and/or chofmann. We will try and respond as soon as possible and get your questions directed to the right person. Please allow at least 48 hours for a reply.

Mozilla Platform

Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Improve Cairo performance to match Skia There are a number of areas where Skia outperforms Cairo. Find them, and improve Cairo to match or exceed Skia's performance. jrmuizel jrmuizel
Add retained paths to cairo/SVG/D2D We could speed up SVG rendering in many situations by adding Cairo API to reuse a path multiple times, and supporting this API directly in cairo backends where this feature exists in the underlying platform (e.g. D2D). Think "rotating tiger head". roc jrmuizel
Create a JPEG XR decoding library JPEG XR gives us better compression and other useful features like HDR and alpha channels. The library should be as similar to libjpeg as possible. roc jrmuizel
Improved add-on packaging system Main article: XPI v2 – Making Extension Development Easier

The idea is to create a new packaging system for add-ons that makes it much easier to get started with add-on development. There are 3 parts to this idea:

  • Merge install.rdf and chrome.manifest into a single manifest file in JSON format.
  • Change the way chrome URLs map to actual files, in order to allow a more flexible add-on structure.
  • (optional?) Optimize the installation process for performance.

The old system would need to continue to work with the new one.

jorgev (Add-ons team) jorgev


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Multitouch simulator A simulation framework would allow developers who do not own a touchscreen device to program websites using the touch APIs. The simulator would be able to run scripted sequences of events, e.g. "move finger 1 from point A to point B and move finger 2 down", and possibly record events too if on an enabled device. Felipe Felipe This framework could be a standalone JS package, a jQuery plugin or a Firebug plugin.


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Implement pluggable mail store See We have someone signed up to do maildir, but it would be interesting to see a sqlite implementation, and we'll probably need help with the core code and perhaps the mail dir impl. David Bienvenu David Bienvenu
Add Quicklook support for attachments Libras2909 (irc: Libras2909 #nus) bwinton This would save MacOSX time skimming through attachments. Thus it would encourage more MacOSx users to move to Thunderbird. Moreover, there has been a lot of Quicklook plugin supports for displaying several different file types. [1]. Thus all we have to do is implementing a way to allow Finder to get the attachment from Thunderbird for display purpose.


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Hooks / stubs mechanisms for Mozilla Lightning + Improve event/tasks alarms support Subproject #1 - Hooks / stubs mechanisms for Mozilla Lightning

The goal behind this project is to add extension points to Lightning to facilitate extension developers that would like to provide tight integration between Lightning and their groupware of choice. For example, extension points could be defined to allow full access control list (ACL) support in Lightning. The proper read, write, modify (and others) checks would be done in Lightning but the results of those would come from an extension providing the right responses based on input criteria. Other stubs could be defined for handling various integration aspects, like calendar names, colors, calendars creation/deletion, delegation, subscriptions using a server-side search operations and so on. The SOGo Integrator and Connector extensions are good examples of what extension points were needed when developing those extensions.

Subproject #2 - Improve event/tasks alarms support

Getting reminded when an event is about to occur or when a task's due date is close is critical for most users. This can get quite complex when recurring events or tasks are used or when remote calendars are used as alarms should be calendar-user agent (CUA) specific. Also, proper handling of past alarms should be done by Lightning. This project is about providing Lightning with one of the best events/tasks alarms implementation out there which handle all corner-cases and provide users with configuration options that would best suit their needs.

Fallen Ludovic Marcotte
Improved automated UI testing for Lightning Mozmill is a UI Automation tool for the Mozilla Platform. Calendar

already has a set of Mozmill tests for some functional areas but these are not run as part of the build process where they would provide useful feedback to developers. You would be integrating existing tests into build process as well as writing further tests for areas not covered yet. These include testing calendar preferences, display of tasks in different views, conversion between tasks and events, possibly also keyboard shortcuts.

Fallen Merike Sell


See the Camino Summer of Code 2010 page for project suggestions.


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Weave Sync engines for tabs and mailnews status Weave Sync is Mozilla's mechanism for synchronizing different installs of Firefox and SeaMonkey.

This project should adapt the existing Firefox tabs engine to work with SeaMonkey, and implement an engine for mailnews status, e.g. read feed entries and newsgroup posts.

KaiRo KaiRo The tabs engine is a good learning/entry step, the mailnews status is the actual goal.


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Better Bugzilla Helper The current Bugzilla Helper was great for its time, but other Bugzillas have done their own step-by-step versions since which are easier to use. And people have had good ideas, like "here's a screenshot of a Thunderbird window - click on where you think the problem is" and so on. Someone needs to research what others have done, write a plan for a much better simple bug filing system, get it discussed and approved in the community, and build it. Gerv Gerv
Social Bugzilla Extension An extension that would collect stats about users and  show them as part of a the user info display (in comments; assignee field etc). This system would allow new and veteran users understand who they are talking to and perhaps make bugzilla more "human". The system would identify users who are new to filing bugs, new to making patches, or might be cronic dup filers. It would also let people know how active users are. To see more about this idea see my blog post here We could also implement a "points" system that would let admins create a formula based on the values we collect to show information. This data could also be added to a webservice to be available to other systems to scrape. pyrzak pyrzak This could be sliced into multiple parts and extended to include information about activity on projects and components
Shortcuts Extension An extension to support keyboard shortcuts all over Bugzilla pyrzak pyrzak
Tagging Exension This would be an experiment more than a final concept. Add tagging in all the varous forms people have talked about to Bugzilla.  pyrzak pyrzak This is kinda a hard one so I would be hesitant for a newbie to take this one on, but it would be great for a veteran of SoC or someone who really understands tagging methods.

NSS (Network Security Services)

Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Implement PKCS #1 v2.1 RSA-PSS signature and RSA-OAEP encryption RSA-PSS is more important. RSA-OAEP is optional.

See and

Wan-Teh Chang
Implement TLS 1.1 and 1.2 Start with TLS 1.1, and then go on to TLS 1.2 if there is time.


Wan-Teh Chang


Title Abstract Reporter Mentor Comments
Add new automated tests to test the Fennec front end Fennec has very little automation that tests the UI and we need to get some basic coverage on all the pieces. Here is a bug outlining some features and areas with specific test cases: These tests will cover the whole front end and act as a new standard for developers to model new test cases after when modifying or adding new features. Aditya Rao Joel Maher The test would be most likely related to bookmarks, tabs, preferences, alerts, panning and zooming. This benefits Mozilla by giving a better testing coverage each day for the mobile browsers. Currently testing is done on lower level stuff, but not the front end. This would primarily be in xul and js code.
Automate Fennec Performance Tests Fennec currently has two tests that test the performance of the mobile browser. New set of test will test other features like awesome bar, new tab load, setting preferences etc. Aditya Rao Joel Maher This would be a great benefit to Mozilla as it would help set better goals for overall performance. This would primarily be in xul and js code.


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments

Firefox Support (Sumo)

Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments


Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments
Complete ECMAScript edition 5 implementation (spec, presentation) in Rhino JavaScript Implement ES5 strict mode and the remaining features of JavaScript 1.8 (including generator expressions) to help release Rhino 1.8 Release 1. Norris Boyd Norris Boyd (norrisboyd[at]

Mozilla IT Infrastructure

Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments

Labs: Weave

Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments

Labs: Bespin

Title Abstract - links to details/bugs/etc Reporter Mentor(s) Comments