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April Mozilla Community Event in Sao Paulo

Marcio's notes - please review or edit, fix, change, or send e-mail to mgalli at mgali dot com - 2009


  • Lightning Talks proposal FISL - Felipe Sanches will give us a hand to start motivating folks to present in the session and could be a table runner for this distributed demo event; Marcio would like to present a Firefox SVG demo of a RSS News Reader Sort of Screen Saver with waves and SVG. As we have a wiki I will add my entry in there; This has to be in sync with Bruno as this panel would not be submitted to FISL main track sessions; We also need to keep a section under the wiki to the areas of demos ideas etc. But has to be pretty open - maybe lock around Gecko - so anything Gecko-based could be featured ( Fennec Demos, FF 3.5, Canvas, Video, Audio, Thunderbid Addons, event Songbird stuff.. ) This will also head to many many small demo videos online later; Marcio will also help gather folks to do crazy demos- synchronizing and motivation and API insights; Who would like to demo? Think about ideas Felipe needs a Wiki URL
  • Video Efforts / Bruno HD - Bruno mentioned will be better quality this FISL event video coverage; Past FISL video coverage was not a higher quality of video;
  • Marcio can support and have a machine with TagVisor to cover Media Social tagging at FISL - if Bruno can find out if we can put a big TV at the Mozilla booth at FISL; The execution of the tags in the canvas displayed by Mozilla-based TagVisor application made in Brazil; Felipe Gomes also involved in the TagVisor project; Also Thiago from USP in Sao Carlos;
  • Mario Clauber, and who else, are organizing a bus from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre for FISL - they wanted to get sponsored and be able to bring more people t from Sao Paulo to support Moziilla. This is a 1 and 1/2 trip bus to south of Brazil so marcio's recommends to get a budget proposal on this and make sure is a safe bus with a safer company; We need to check security aspects and maybe Mozilla could sponsor Mario/Clauber to get the bus on their own as Moz/BR community. Being that, could they have also some onine marketing effort going on as part of this trip? GPS-enabled twitter or something?
  • talk - Andrea + Mario ( Community ) ; Andrea started working on this; It's a Google Doc (in portuguese and english) if you need to be invited to her presentation work-in-progress write to arballe at gmail dot com - Reviewers
  • talk - Clauber + Felipe Gomes ( Ubiquity ) ; Felipe Gomes to

possibly show live in the slides since he will be in Mountain View while at FISL; Would be nice Clauber also shares this - after the draft, with someone from the Ubiquity tream for a review;

  • Special talks from Mozilla - Bruno is checking against Mountain View to see who can come and sending the votes from BR; Mitchell also suggested we vote on topics and not people, so then If some Mozilla cannot come, others may;
  • ( FISL ) or Big Events - Mitchell / Mozilla talk on Vision for the Web - This to be a topic more towards what Mitchell covered in the beginning of the event; It looks like FISL topics;

Other Marketing ( FISL and others )

  • Paula Herculano brought up the Fox costume suite - for FISL and other events; Andrea Balle also mentions the creation of plug fox ears for usage by Mozilla contributors in events, and possibly distribution;
  • Some mentioned a CD can still impact; Was brought up the idea of a CD with open software pack.
  • Personas and Brands discussion - some folks mentioning the space/case of Personas and Soccer teams etc - but the problems of copyright, difficulties to get official teams to accept. Others mentioned we just need to work with one team to make the others to accept; also new personas accepts things to be on behalf of the end-user but it seems the network will enforce / claim copyrighted materials cannot be shared; Chck this...


  • Campus - Campus Rep description is confusing - Andrea's case that some people are already involved and did lots of things in their campus - then suddenly she sees a page saying register to be a campus rep;
  • Campus - Campus Rep good - Felipe Magrani's case on importance of some aspects in Campus Rep - while a survey is good it can be too much to fill out;
  • Campus - Our BR Campus program to be something that ranges from the [a] Community to [b] Reaching out to C.S. and non-C.S. students;
  • Campus - Roberto Parente ( Organizer CeSOL board ) asks about R&D research program for universities;


  • Rafael Barbosa brings the importance of a local equivalent store with simple payment model and cheap for local market. Bruno has a model for cheap production in place; Marcio/Rafael brainstormed about a peer - peer distribution with no profit and where "campus hubs" could get the t-shirts packages sold to their buddies; Like order your campus box and save money;

Fabricio Zuardi Notes


Felipe wants to move on with the idea of Mozilla supporting the promotion of SVG, and mentioned again his idea of an SVG-related contest in Brazil that is also related to Firefox - probably this to be application-level and some swag as sponsorship. Felipe demoed his SVG / DOM and JavaScript-based game as a case of the type of content folks could push to the contest. Background: Felipe is active contributor to the Inkscape project ( the popular SVG graphics editor ) and wants to keep more synch between SVG rendering engines on the Web. We need to get a few of the areas and bugs and get Felipe involved with some Mozilla SVG folks;

Community Efforts in Specific Communities

Andrea, Vinicius Medina, who else? - mentioned the need of community marketing activities towards specific communities - promotion and other events that could be targeted specifically to communities such as anime, graphic designers, and more; Guillermo Movia has interesting work going on towards Mozilla community, Open Source, and educational courses of social sciences in Argentina. Some of the community members also brought up that we could get involved social science students to help us work on vision and ways to communicate open-source and free software messages.

Addons, AMO and more

  • Addons Collectors project is now ready to be localized to pt-BR - Justin Scott created the locale support for Brazil last week and we just gotta push the translation. Andrea Balle mentioned that could help this localization project. Community members also mentioned this would serve well to help building addon collections and target them towards certain organizations and community profiles; The development project info is available and localization info is on svn - talk with Andrea Balle or Marcio Galli; This presentation is great on AMO and shows lots of goals in 2009.
  • Localization / AMO - Filipe Grillo ( AMO pt-PR localizer ) is helping out with the editor/translator strings - mentioned to me that the strings under the editors tool is 95% done the strings from the Web-based UI; We need also to involved Filipe Grillo in the BandWagon review since he helped us to launch AMO pt-BR, and the Addons Collector Tool is key to Addons market development; Marcio / Grillo reports AMO pt-BR site is almost done and code freeze is 27th April; Also of the new long-waited features is that experimental Addons can be installed with no login requirement - we have major shopping comparison service, Buscape in Brazil, awaiting this feature to be translated ( the authorization / checkbox message area ) so that they can remove their installation link and link to AMO instead; Check with Marcio on these items;
  • Renato wrote the Orkut toolbar - Renato could give Mozilla community a better overview on the usage of this extension and ideas on how we can reach out to social networking. This is a topic Alix and other marketing folks at Mozilla are willing to understand ( Marcio, Alix, Pkim );