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Month Year, Day City Country Conference CFP Status Who
May 2014, 16-17 Toulouse France SudWeb CFP Feb 28, 2014 - Interest for Participation
April 2014, 26 Fortaleza Brazil JSConf Brazil - We are going miketaylr
March 2014, 14-16 Toronto Canada jQuery Toronto - We sent a proposal miketaylr
February 2014, 12-15 Bangalore India Metarefresh - We are talking haseeb
February 2014, 12-13 San Diego USA jQuery Sandy Eggo - We are talking miketaylr
February 2014, 2-7 Mountain View USA No page yet - We are talking Web Compat Full Team


We want to be able to track the events across the world where they could be a Web Compatibility interest for participating or attending. This list is open to anyone who wants to participate, give a talk, meet people locally. Some axes you might want to think about

  • Can I talk about Web Compatibility issues?
  • Can I make interesting connections for solving Web Compatibility issues?
  • Can I organize a workshop on Web Compatibility issues? (aka helping to make bigger localized communities)
  • Can I talk about Good Practices for Web developers?

How to add an event?

You may add you own event. Try to be consistent with the format.

 | May 2014, 16-17 || City || Country || [link event_name] || [link CFP] Deadline ||{{WebCompatConf|Interest}} || WHO

There are different status for WebCompatConf template:

  • Going: We are there and attend
  • Talking: We are giving a talk
  • Interest: This conference is under our radar, but we are not sure we will participate.
  • Submitted: We sent a proposal for a talk but we don't know if we were accepted yet.