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Meeting: Mobile Web Compatibility Weekly
Chair: Karl
Scribe: Mike

Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on

  • December 9, 2013.
  • December 16, 2013
  • December 23, 2013 [CANCELED FOR HOLIDAYS]
  • December 30, 2013 [CANCELED FOR HOLIDAYS]
  • January 6, 2014

(Dec 20 to January 1: Holidays)

Topic: $NAME webtesting tool (seif/hallvord)

Do you have a status? (to send to the list)

  • seif: We've already started testing. I've just found a performance issue. We're running actual X sessions so we can take screenshots, etc. Starting an X session takes 4 seconds. I am fixing this on my side and then it should work. I'd like to move this to Mozilla's git repo at some point so I don't have to maintain it. Hallvord and I actually like the "Compatipede" name a lot.
  • karl: It's your baby, so choose the name. I was a little worried in the French community because "pede" is a pejoritive term in French.
  • hallvord: How do you say centipede in French?
  • karl: I forgot. Choose the name though, it's not important. No objections from me.

Topic: Javascript/Python plugin for webtesting tool (seif/hallvord)

  • seif: Hallvord did something very cool allowing us to write plugins in JS.
  • hallvord: Karl had some requests for specific tests you wanted to run. If you just look at the spec you can see how to write the plugin. spec link:
  • karl: Can the plugin be in another language?
  • seif: It should be possible in Python, I just need some time.
  • hallvord: At the moment we can do it in JS. We can figure something out. But I think the best way for the question Karl was asking is in JS, so give that a try.

Topic: PASS/FAIL webtesting tool (seif/hallvord)

  • seif: If we could have specs by the rest of the team on how does a site pass or fail in terms of compat, that would be helpful for us.
  • karl: Just a thought, I wonder if we'd be able to identify compatibility as an abstract idea, versus looking at issues in isolation.
  • hallvord: This is a hard question and it's going to take quite some time to figure out. There will be false positives, etc. I think we should take our team and figure out where the issues are. While doing that we might find patterns that will be useful, e.g., if we get a video element in Firefox and a video element in Safari that might indicate that we're considered a "fancy browser" -- even if there are redirects or what not. The way we're doing it now, we're going to have a db to save stats, i.e., difference of markup, redirects, etc. There will be an overall PASS/FAIL flag, but we'll also have the other data to query.
  • seif: We're also storing results from plugins as well.
  • hallvord: We can also listen to the Error Console, that might be interesting to store and analyze. Right now I don't want to pay too much attention to PASS or FAIL.

Topic: Next presentation on WeeklyUpdate meeting (lmandel)

Who wants to take the lead? Which topic? Date: 2013-12-09

  • karl: Is there a volunteer to introduce a topic?
  • lawrence: Seif, will you be in San Francisco?
  • seif: I'll be in SF from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • lawrence: Have you ever attended the project the meeting? Would you be interested in presenting on your work? The idea is to talk about our project every few weeks to keep people informed on our work. The tool that you and Hallvord are working on seems like a great topic.
  • seif: Sounds good.
  • lawrence: If you want to do it this next one, or defer until the next.
  • seif: Can I answer that one tomorrow?
  • karl: And no pressure, you can decline without any issue.

Topic: RSS/ATOM feed for (lmandel)

Does one exist?

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

  • karl: Now that we have planet.webcompat, is it worth keeping this section in the minutes?
  • mike: I think it's worthwhile if it's not too much work for you.
  • karl: OK, I will keep doing it, it's not a problem.

Topic: Things which have been discussed

These are a list of topics, we need to explore further and take action items. It usually needs an owner and a set of actions. Putting them here for not forgetting about them. (this could become the start of a newsletter about the project by month)

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130715-01: kdubost have a panorama of tools used by Web developers for testing. Write a post about it.
  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)
  • TODO-20130819-01 kdubost to create a first workflow for Web Badges for the community with Carla Cassili
  • TODO-20130826-01: kdubost to create an intro guide to be ready to participate to Web Compatibility effort.
  • TODO-20130826-02: kdubost to create 101 on Web compatibility issues so Mozilla employes have handy materials to discuss with partners.
  • TODO-20131111-01: kdubost to analyze and categorize the survey on UA detection.
  • TODO-20131118-01: kdubost to write a series of posts on how to set-up a Web compatibility activity in your own organization, company.


  • TODO-20131118-02: kdubost to finish design for planet. DONE