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Meeting time (mike)

Do we want to reconsider the current meeting time? Check the current schedule for the different Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time End for 2014.

  • USA Sunday, 2 November
  • Europe Sunday, 26 October
  • No DST in Japan, India, China
  • Resolution: We might change the meeting after November 2, 2014. 16:00 EST on Wednesdays.

Q4 Goals (mike)

Recap of goals meeting Mike, Karl and Hallvord had. And the one Brad had with his teams.

  • Mike: (describing the goals on the wiki). We need a way to be able to swap bugs in between and bugzilla for certain bugs. We also need to create materials, and it might be a good opportunity to do that during the work week. WebCompat summit would be a way to gather cross-browsers, big companies, major frameworks people to try to introduce Webcompat and discuss the common issues we have, and it could happen during the Q1 of 2015. We would like to improve our collaboration with teams inside Mozilla.
  • Karl: Alexa, are you aware of the work week in December? Mozilla will be having a joint work week for the whole company--for each team but also for cross-coordination. I don't know if Volunteers are allowed to participate.
  • Brad: They can. I'll send an invite to Alexa.
  • Mike: We need to break these in steps we can more easily achieve. Something to do during the next week.
  • Brad: We need some actionable ideas for the inter-Mozilla goal in the next week or two… or now. One thing might be to work with the DevTools team on tools that can help with diagnose.
  • Hallvord: We had some dialogue, there is an open bug on showing invalid CSS.
  • Brad: A pattern detector might be a more useful thing. A pattern of webkit prefixed css without the moz corresponding, for example.
  • Karl: We have all filed issues on devtools, for example exporting HAR format. Pretty printing inline JS.
  • Brad: Someone should be talking to dcamp so they can add it to their goal list.
  • Mike: Maybe we could work with the devtools team in person during the work week.
  • Brad: Simple bugs to fix in Devtools. You've all written tools for your own work. It would be good to have a little brainstorm session to see if any of these tools might be useful to live in devtools. + Github (mike)

A summary of the discussions I've had with GitHub around us abusing their TOS. Need to make a few changes in our codebase (mostly add rate limit logging) and report back to them our current usage and projected growth. Also report on what happened to the missing webcompat issues (they're back now).

  • Mike: I was running functional tests. tests were failing with 404 but the code was fine. We had been banned by github. We emailed support and they revive our repo, but they didn't think all the bots were a good idea. So they finally authorized us to have ONE bot. If you delete the users on github, the issues are going away. All the issues are back since they unbanned. We are now tracking our rate limit. We are hitting the limit when we are unauthenticated. We are in the clear _now_.
  • Karl: I was thinking you could record all the data in our own database, acting like a cache of the issues. Instead of hitting GitHub, you could hit it only if it's not in the DB. This could mitigate.
  • Mike: Karl and I started a discussion about caching and our document DB. We should store on our own for a local backup. We have to be ready to be banned again.
  • Brad: That was one of the motivations for Mozilla to not depend only on Github.
  • Karl: The last couple of weeks I've been looking more closely at the code in Mike is doing amazing work.
  • Mike: Thanks Alexa for doing the work on interactions, partly with Invision. Really neat.

Heads Up

  • closed 104 Desktop issues, 7 Mobile issues
  • opened 4, Desktop issues, 5 Mobile issues
  • Started a discussion about our future plans for 2015, and quarter goals in 2014.
  • We had a temporary issues with GitHub which closed all the Webcompat repos for a couple of hours, but came back on after we contacted them. We have to think about our future strategy.

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Web Compatibility Progress