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Gecko Improvements from Mobile Web Compat Effort

This list includes bugs that were first found through web compat analysis, and bugs that were already known but got a higher priority when we found breakage on production sites.


  • bug 780379 - Firefox mobile cannot open .m3u8 file (broken file?)
  • bug 881072 - Flash Video (VideoJS Player) doesn't play on
  • bug 887517 - Android: Audio's canPlayType() fails for MP3 if codec is supplied
  • bug 938772 - empty <video> tag attempts to load href of <base> tag (prioritised)
  • bug 941351 - Handle VIDEO element with M3U8 source

Graphics, Panning and Zooming

  • bug 935615 - homepage is super zoomed in
  • bug 976616 - Support dynamic viewport changes (Firefox for Android)
  • bug 976618 - Support dynamic viewport changes (Firefox OS)


  • bug 1023974 - Banking site causes numerous "Remember Password" doorhangers


  • bug 918863 [B2G][Browser][Youtube]Search does not execute after pressing enter


  • bug 911574 - (yahoo) Can not scroll on Yahoo Fantasy Sports Football


  • bug 881487 - document.write causes updates to location.hash to refresh the entire page (prioritised)
  • bug 1096263 - XMLHttpRequest.send({}) should not throw See also webcompat-437


  • bug 928074 a element with display: table-cell children does not expand to the width of parent li element
  • bug 1082757, bug 1083536 Remove max-width & max-height from input[type=checkbox] from Fennec and B2G. Originally reported in bug 1078393