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Status: EARLY DRAFT - @@ means there's text to be written. Provide also ways on how the webcompat team can help.

Evolving Web Platform and Web Compat

There is a process for exposing new Web feature. When doing so, some of the issues are related to Web Compatibility risks. Here some guidelines on what you could do or experiment to assess the Web Compatibility risks.

Creating a new Web exposed feature

Name Conflict

@@ Example: MooTools, and array…

Deprecating a Web exposed feature


@@ Assessing if the feature deprecated is widely used.

Unrelated patterns to the feature intent

@@ Example: window.installTrigger

Impossible or very hard to fix

@@ CSS Zoom.

Cascading breakage because of adding/removing a feature

@@ example: window.event -> charCode/keyCode

Mitigation through site interventions

@@ explain how we site interventions can help fix websites during a transition phase.