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This weekly roundup page contains notes of some of the most important browser developments that come through the competitive tracking feeds. The same information is sent out in a weekly email to marketing-private.

Friday, September 7, 2007

  • Rumor about the Googlephone OS
    • There is a possibility that the Googlephone’s web browser will be based on WebKit
    • It would be interesting if Google were to enter into direct competition with Apple in the smartphone space

Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

  • A word about marketing at Opera:
    • Highlights from a list of things Opera is doing to promote its browser:
      • reviving developer outreach efforts
      • make development process of the browser more open to followers
      • producing more videos (tutorials and online ads)
      • attend conferences and events
      • “Opera Backstage” events to have Opera-user get-togethers
      • an entire PR department
      • website redesigns
      • a couple localized versions of website
      • outreach on social networking sites
  • New Opera Partnerships: NetApplications and Fluffy Spider Technologies
    • NetApplications partnership gives Opera users access to track stats on blogs, photo albums, etc.
    • Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) – provider of software development platforms for advanced GUIs in embedded devices
      • Opera has shipped on almost 100 million mobile phones
  • I have started a section on the Competitive Browser Development wiki page for Netscape Navigator. Currently, much of Navigator 9.0b3 feels like Firefox 2, including the user interface employed to download and install add-ons.

Friday, August 17, 2007

  • Opera requested feedback on its website. ( I have compiled some of the requests:
    • include more screenshots (users want to know what it looks like before downloading)
    • popular request was to include video tutorials
    • "I’m surprised Firefox’s product page doesn’t include a link to spreadfirefox. Make sure Opera DOES include a link to my.opera and chooseopera.”
    • emphasize fact that it’s easy to switch browsers
    • place download link on the homepage
    • translate the page into more languages
    • “opera needs to make site like mozilla addons”
    • several comments voted to put the Opera ninja somewhere on the front page

Friday, August 10, 2007

  • PithHelmet 2.7 beta released
    • PithHelmet adds content filtering (ads, flash, shockwave, midi loops, etc.) to the Safari browser
    • This version was engineered specifically to work with the Safari 3 betas

Friday, August 3, 2007

  • Windows Vienna and IE 8 features leaked
    • IE 8
      • Undo close tab (like Firefox)
      • Saving and restoring sessions (like Firefox)
    • Windows Vienna
      • Virtual desktops (like Linux)
      • Ability to rearrange items on the task bar
      • Customizable themes
      • Windows Core: the ability to separate GUI and console from each other as in Windows Server 2008
      • All applications not specifically written for Vienna or in .NET will be run on a separate virtual machine
  • Breaking Down the Walls Of Phones' Web Gardens
    • Users are looking for a cell phone browser experience closer to that of their laptops
    • Browsers are limited by wireless carrier support
      • Ability to download music and video
      • Opera Mini can't be used on Verizon cellphones
    • Microsoft is working on a mobile browser called Deep Fish
    • Opera makes money on Opera Mini by licensing it to handset makers and wireless carriers, and sharing ad revenue
    • More users browse on cell phones than on computers in some developing countries

Friday, July 27, 2007

  • Opera 9.5 to have screen reader support
    • On Windows:
      • Support for the Microsoft Accessibility API (MSAA).
      • Close cooperation with other screen reader vendors.
    • On Mac:
      • Support of the Mac API for Accessibility.
      • Support of VoiceOver.
  • Flock Community Ambassador starts holding weekly "Office Hours"
    • To gather user feedback, Flock Community Ambassador Evan Hamilton is now holding Community "Office Hours" every Monday from 11a-12p PST
    • During this time, Evan focuses solely on communicating with the Flock community via irc, email, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, and Skype
  • Introduction to Information Cards
    • An open standard for identity on the web
    • Information Cards can be considered to be a "heavier" protocol than the other technologies (LiveID, BBAuth, OpenID)
    • Provides password-less login, phishing-resistance, and consistent cross-platform UI

Friday, July 20, 2007

  • Opera Watch asked its community for each person's Top 5 features desired for Opera. Here's a sample of what's been requested (more *'s means more requests):
    • Auto-update (like Firefox) *****
    • Developer tools (like Firefox's Firebug extension) *****
    • A better marketing campaign ****
    • Integrated inline spell check ***
    • More powerful RSS feeds reader **
      • RSS in a side panel of its own
      • Option to subscribe to other feed readers
    • Better widget integration **
    • Improved UI/user friendliness - special effects and a generally slicker interface **
    • Ability to add more “auto-complete” forms **
    • Ad blocker (like Firefox Ad Block extension)
    • A built-in feature that gets rid of duplicate bookmarks
    • A feature to archive webpages
    • userJS repository (like Firefox)
    • Opera Mini tied to GPS in people's phones
    • Delete multiple passwords from saved passwords list
    • Better CSS3 support
      • Easier way to specify site specific CSS files (to override designs)
      • RGBA
    • System update for skins and widgets (located @ Opera)
    • Ability for skins to modify menus as well (like Firefox)
    • A way to easily export/backup newsfeeds, mail, bookmarks, toolbars, menus etc. all together
    • Improved options on right click
    • Improved document type mixing
    • More Mac like interface (which is on the way)
    • Domain name completion, like Ctrl+Enter for .com
    • Integrated database of custom buttons like the ones on
    • To be able to customize side-bar as address bar: drag buttons, etc.
    • For Opera Mini: A way to save webpages on memory phone.
  • Opera 9.22 released on 7/19, which includes the following key features:
    • Security update
    • Improved BitTorrent download speeds
    • Support for the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in
  • Flock 0.9 released on 7/10, which includes the following key features:
    • MyWorld: a dynamic home base for all your favorite sites, feeds, and media streams
    • Flock's Media MiniBar provides fast access to both photos and videos on Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube, and Truveo.
    • The new Accounts & Services sidebar offers easier configuration and enhanced discovery and activation logic
    • Improved Favorites with folders and support for Ma.gnolia and
    • Blogging: Improved UI, integrated Clipboard, support for all major Blog services including Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad and Livejournal
    • Security improvements
    • In-line spell check
    • Overall Theme upgrade