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2006 Conferences

What Details Attending
XTech May 16-19 Amsterdam attending/speaking: Yes. see cbeard
OSCON July 24-28, Portland attending/speaking w/ booth: Yes. see cbeard
Mozilla Foundation attendees: Gerv Markham, Frank Hecker and Zak Greant.
Joi Ito's Web 2.0 Conference Fall Japan tbd attending: tbd
Firefox Summit TBD, Mountain View? hosting: tbd

2006 Additional Conferences

What Details Attending
O'Reilly Emerging Technology March 6-9, San Diego Attended.
CeBit 2006 March 9-15 Hanover Attended.
South by Southwest SXSW March 10-19, Austin Texas Not attended.
Mix Conference (sponsored by MSFT for Web Developers, etc) March 20-22, Las Vegas attending: tentative
EclipseCon 2006 March 20-23, Santa Clara, CA Committed: rebron/jay
2006 PHP Quebec Conference March 29-31, Montreal Mozilla Foundation attendees: Zak Greant.
Game Developers Conference March 20-24 in San Jose Attending.
CSUN Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference March 20-25 in Los Angeles Attending w/ booth. hecker, aaronl, beltzner
Mozilla Foundation attendees: Frank Hecker.
OSDL Desktop Printing April 10-12, Atlanta Attending.
CHI 2006 April 24-27, Montreal Attending: beltzner
MySQL User Conference April 24-27, San Jose Mozilla Foundation attendees: Zak Greant.
XTech May 16-19 Amsterdam see above
GUADEC May 27-31 Barcelona tentative: MoFo?, MozEurope?
Designing Interactive Systems June 26-28 Penn State Attending: beltzner
Gnomedex 6.0 June 29-July 1 Seattle, WA tentative: asa?
OSCON July 24-28, Portland 2005 see above
Linux World Expo Aug 14-17 SF Moscone Center Attending w/ booth.
Euro OSCON Sept 18-21, Brussels Attending: gerv, mozeurope tentative