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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 13 January 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • AI: Everyone - Work on team goals
      • AI: Everyone - list out proposed resource needs for 2014
    • Action items from last week: 
      • AI: David to share Travel Request Form/Debrief Info with Deb and report back
      • AI: Dino to kick discussion off on thread re:language concerning 1MM Mozillians
      • AI: Michelle and William-- coordinate on Team Meeting?
      • AI: Everyone-- put thoughts into risks on document
      • are we pulling over AIs from the week before? I (Larissa) had one to document the role of a working group lead - strawman 

  • FYIs
    • Congratulations to Michelle for completing over 104 hours of CTI's coach training program
    • Next Monday is US holiday -- will look at moving meeting for that week
    • People Leads meeting last Friday -- notes and summary coming soon
    • Debbie has been invited to join end of team meeting on Jan 27th

  • Volunteer agreements
    • Please review and add any agreements you're aware of
    • FYI, ongoing legal and privacy discussions around volunteers seem to be gaining some priority with MM goal.
    • Thinking about legal and privacy requirement for the entire project.
      • Volunteers agreements that have been signed-- Stacy Martin is interested in learning about this
      • legal guidelines around "advertising" for volunteer opportunities, and where that crosses the line for advertising for a "job" or role in MoCo/MoFo. ( Denelle and Jishnu are our point poeple here.)
    • Dino's question: What do we have captured around anti-harassement policies for volunteers?  Currently we don't have anything captured.  (This is not within the scope code of conduct, it's about harassment.)
    • Related: Brian King is working on crafting final minor working agreement for contributors.  

  • Goals
  • Budget and travel
    • Next steps: Provide quarter by quarter details with resource estimates to Debbie
    • How we will make decisions once we have a budget
      • Team meeting
        • Michelle's cost comparisons
        • Where: ???
        • When: ???
    • Future opportunities to consider
    • AI: Contact Finance to help us design financial responsibility into our budget

  • Consulting
  • Working groups
  • Risk
    • Draft items
      • Teams  and individuals may view Million Mozillians as a distraction and may  choose not to participate in efforts to design for participation.
      • Teams may not be willing to dedicate sufficient time to make community building efforts successful.
      • Building  successful communities takes more time than 1 or 2 quarters, so  enthusiasm for Million Mozillians may wane if there isn’t short-term  evidence of impact.
    • Feedback from Debbie to phrase these in a presumptive way (Teams will do...)