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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Tuesday 21 January 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • For workshop driver, please think about the agenda for the day and how we can front end William's and Pierros' expertise before they have to leave.
      • For work days, Michelle will investigate if MV is ideal.
      • For everyone, please answer on work days pad 'What do you need from these days?' by EOD 1/22
    • Action items from last week: 
      • AI: Everyone - Work on team and individual goals
      • AI: Everyone - list out proposed resource needs for 2014

  • People leads meeting
    • Debbie's grid -- verticals and horizontals
      • Designing for Participation: Partner with Recruiting and HRBPs
      • Building Infrastructure: Partner with HRIS
      • Education: Partner with Talent Development
      • Criteria for Mozillians: Partner with Comms and HRIS
    • Action Item: 

    • Goals
      • 10x increase in active contributors
      • 100% of top contributors identified
      • 50% of Mozillians have brought in an active contributor
      • 90% of Mozillians have intention to contribute in next 12 months
    • Quarter by quarter hacking
    • Action Item:

  • Team update
    • Debbie has asked Dino to lead the Talent Development vertical
      • Dino - I may not be able to drive both CB - Culture and TD vertical. May want to partner w/Christie if she wants to drvie Culture Working Group
    • Christie is interested in joining our team

  • Designing for Participation
    • Debrief on Sean's workshop
    • Preparing for a day long workshop for entire People team
      • Where: SF -- Foxhole
      • When: Thurs, Feb 13
      • Owners: Who is interested in driving?
        • Debbie has asked to be included in the preparations and agenda setting
    • Action Item: Please think about the agenda for the day and how we can front end William's and Pierros' expertise before they have to leave.
    • Michelle will drive
      • Dino - here to help. (:

  • Team work week
  • Budget and travel
    • Next steps: Providing quarter by quarter details with resource estimates to Debbie tomorrow
    • Resource buckets: Travel, Training, Consulting
      • For reference: Dec. meetup was $74k total / $1600 per person
    • Future opportunities to consider
      • (pierros would like to attend)
      • Community Leadership Summit on July 18-19 in Portland
      • Open Source Bridge June 24-27
      • suggested to me that I go to IETF in summer or fall to meet with policy volunteer orgs (Larissa)

  • Comms discussion
  • Working groups
  • Risk
    • Draft items
      • Teams and individuals may view Million Mozillians as a distraction and may   choose not to participate in efforts to design for participation.
      • Teams may not be willing to dedicate sufficient time to make community building efforts successful.
      • Building   successful communities takes more time than 1 or 2 quarters, so   enthusiasm for Million Mozillians may wane if there isn’t short-term   evidence of impact.
    • Feedback from Debbie to phrase these in a presumptive way (Teams will do...)