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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 27 January 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • Schedule all meeting of February for 1h (David)
      • Sharing a draft of Christie's SoW (David)
    • Action items from last week: 
      • For Michelle, please think about the agenda for the day and how we can front end William's and Pierros' expertise before they have to leave.
      • Update:  Rough draft for William and Pierros to them by 01/30 EOB Pacific for hacking
      • For work days, Michelle will investigate if MV is ideal.
      • For everyone, please answer on work days pad 'What do you need from these days?' by EOD 1/22

  • Team meetings
    • Keeping today's agenda shorter a moved some things we didn't get to last week into the parking lot -- we may want to have a block of time in our work week to go through those items.
    • Would you like to make our February team meeting times an 1 hour?  I like us being deliberate about how we're using our time, so worth checking in regularly about meeting length. +1 to an hour +1+1 +1 we need it

  • Team update
    • Discussions with Christie are ongoing.  Next step is to draft a job description and share with Mark Coggins and Christie and our team for feedback.  A transfer wouldn't happen until beginning of Q2 in order to give Christie time to hand off current projects.
      • Good to know. I've been in limbo for a bit in terms of driving things. I'll help shape the draft with you and get clarity with my new role.

  • Million Mozillians 1-pager
  • Preparing for the People workshop
  • Budget
    • Resource buckets: Meetups, Travel, Consulting, Training
      • Meetups
        • Proposed: 2 larger meetups in 2014
        • For reference: Dec. meetup was $74k total / $1600 per person
      • Travel
        • Would cover trips directly tied to our 10x goal
          • For example, Pierros traveling with Dietrich to visit Telenor to run a workshop on how to work at Mozilla and mentor bugs
          • community "health checks" - is this kind of thing included and how would we determine which/how they're tied in
            • how do we make sure we're sharing support there with the contributor focused engagement

        • Joining ReMo and using their budget process for other types of travel
          • I did that but haven't heard back :) - never mind
        • Our participation at MozCamps? (same question for Festival I'd think +1) How do we make sure we are getting the opportunity to connect with the community?
        • We are also getting asked to consider sponsoring events - should this be punted to a request into another team's budget?  Events usually handles this ( Shez/Robyn/Liza) -- is that the case for all conferences? specific kinds? (clueless) Robyn handles all developer related events and is often the pojnt person for those types of sponsorships
      • Consulting
        • Proposed: Several Dave Eaves-types contracting projects over next several months to create assets we need throughout the year 
        • How could we accelerate what we're doing?
          • Brainstorming
            • Have someone create a dashboard to track our progress on number of active contributors in 2014+1+can I "+" this x a million? yes. also the relationship between that and the contributor onboarding and "CRM" stuff without which this fails
              • not really a fail without connection with CRM :) contribution is blind, can happen and we dont need to know where it came through... (would be lovely, but not blocker for now)
              • but how do we scale participation without it? (discussion later!)
              • tracking progress != scaling participation ;)
            • Have someone create 'value of open' and 'how to mentor' modules for the Designing for Participation workshops-- We are taking a stab at this for the people team-- great place to see what works and what doesn't and design from there?
            • Other ideas?
              • "Accelerate"? What does that presuppose? If we are at build stage, what  does accelerating mean? Looks like we need an inventory check and org map to see where and what we have at that is working for us. Also, think we need to look at teams and ask what is the least they can do w/out disrupting them. Badging, irc channels, mentoring, comms...+1 Dino on this.  Perhaps we need to accelerate the learning and build, not the progress? Q1 accelerate the build, Q2 accelerate the...?
      • Training
        • Would cover opportunities such as paying for a Volunter Management certification
          • Oh, say more.
          • please say more about this, i want to learn things
        • There are other free opportunities we can take advantage of too, such as TRIBE
          • Collaboration and Co-facilitation training opportunity coming up in March 11, 12, 13.  Debbie has reserved space for all of us.
            • And, want to take you all under the tent just a bit without giving away too much of the goodness. Know that we are (re)designing TRIBE intentionally and purposefully, esp. "Working with Others." Def need all you chicken heads in TRIBE for March.
            • Need to understand relative import of the Co-Co event for us, sounds important but conflicts for me
        • Manager Hacking can be a space to think about our outreach. Should we set up talk with Lawrence Mandel and Anthony Hughes? Need a draft proposal.
          • I think so, we need to "win the hearts and minds" of the folks who frequent manager hacking+1

      • Of notes: