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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 24 March 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • Pierros will update alliance document about communication across timezone and Dino will add draft set of words we want in our team lexicon
      • All: update team page with specific projects and skillsets we have/are working on
      • All: Tag the google doc playbook with the parts of it we want to be on the wiki high level version of the partner playbook
      • All: bring ideas for Q2 goals to next week's meeting
    • Action items from last week: 
      • Larissa to share out who has earned badges at today's project call
      • David to put Monday meeting discussion on next team agenda and the pathway for community building and +1ing all of the alliance topics
      • Go through Alliance and +1 each item you agree to, or otherwise ask questions.
      • William to talk to Michelle Thorne about MozCamp plans and report back to group

  • Nominations for community building superstar badge
  • FYI, dates to be aware of:
    • April 3 from 12-1 pacific: Enabling Community (x10 growth goal) Town Hall
    • April 15 from 9:30-12:30: Quarterly People Team meeting (remote participation is fine)
      • Optional social time in SF after
    • April 23-25 in SF: MozCamp content sprint

  • Rotating updates
    • Let's start next week since the agenda is packed this week.  Anyone want to go first?
      • Michelle offering to go first Presenting what we are working on for QA community building work week. 

  • Checking in on our alliance with the whole team
    • Feedback: Need more specifics about some of the items
      • Details of best practices for geo-distributed teams, details of words we want to use, details on our roles and responsibility

  • Goals
    • Revisiting Q1 team goals
      • Create framework for running Working Groups
      • Identify partnerships and establish contact with all partner teams
      • Prototype a workshop aimed at getting teams to say yes to participation
        • Current status-- Done for V1
        • Next Steps-- 
          • V2 is outlined and needs a second pair of eyes.  
          • Looking at breaking up the sections into two half days and determining what that would do to the arc of the day.  Possibly breaking the entire thing up to a set of singular exercises that can be done in a longer ( 60 min-2 hour) meeting
      • Deliver a plan and proof of concept of our contribution tracking system
      • Draft first version of our partner playbook
        • Status:  Outline is done
        • Next Steps--
          • Publish to Google Docs-- share with team and begin to flesh out content, Michelle cannot write it all alone. Is a fully written V1 required for this to count as done?  If so, we might miss it. If not, we are almost there. (Assuming I have less meetings this week.)
          • Determine what needs to be public of playbook-- all of it? high level? 
          • Figure out how we use the playbook concepts on the dashboard/smartsheet so that we are tracking according to the framework. 
    • Preparing for Q2 goals process
      • How would we like to set individual and team goals going forward?

  • MozCamp
    • What we know
      • June or July in Singapore (this will be a smaller group that will beta test the new MozCamp model)
      • Later in the year in North Africa (this will be a larger group that builds on model from Singapore)
    • What we need to do
      • Pick a point person to attend planning meetings and communicate back and to delegate items to CBT and partner teams as needed
        • What supportive role can the rest of us play? To make sure the point person is not caught in the insanity of previous MozCamps?
        • This is like a trustfall. Seriously. 
      • Pick 2-3 people from our team to attend the April content sprint event in SF -- there will be approximately 15 staff+volunteers total
        • Michelle: To choose the people who would have the most impact on content-- we should define WHAT the content goals are from our CBT perspective.  I think that if we are all on the same page about the goals we have for MozCamp-- we will all be more effective as a team. 
        • I agree... and we need (and will get) clarity around what we are asking of content providers. Are they trainers? Curriculum builders? and?

  • Communicating to the project going forward
  • If there's time
    • Thoughts on draft top 10 list
    • Discussion on governance proposal for ownership of working groups
    • Discussion of creating a contribution pathway for community building
    • Co-Co feedback
    • Who wants to present something at MoCo meeting March 24th?
      • CK had a topic around the edu roadmap I think? (I also could do the Pathways roadmap soon) < I am not ready to present ;( Next week!