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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 21 April 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Start gathering your thoughts on the feedback request David sent out last week.


  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • everyone is to document partnering on the wiki
        • christie is working on semantic wiki extensions but do not wait on that
        • build on what's already there as a template
        • use lifecycle milestones
      • David to work with Mardi on Building Communities with Impact TownHall and getting a date and a MozModerator instance set up (Pierros to set up MozModer
      • William to share out WPR related google doc if you can... Dino and Larissa have both had related inquiries
      • Larissa can share next week about Get Involved page stuff :)
      • Larissa to invite Jennie to these team meetings
      • Team to pick date for next work week
      • For meetups, everyone to think about how a deconstructed mid-year meetup would work for them and David to set up pad to start planning for next community builders meetup at end of year
    • Action items from last week: 
      • David to send a badge to Mhoye, lizhenry, rbillings
      • Everyone to take the rest of the day to finalize their Q2 goals and then David will review pad and send goals roll-up to Debbie
      • Michelle to share out Lifecycle doc and public partner dashboard on Grow Mozilla call on May 1
      • Everyone to start documenting partnership activities on the wiki on pages linked to from Areas page.  A milestones template will be coming soon to help us organize activity in a common way
        • Update: There may be some ways to use Semantic Wiki extension to make this work better for us
      • Christie to take a pass at an outline for what we'd want to include in the Enabling Communities Town Hall meeting for next week's team meeting

  • Nominations for community building superstar badge
  • Communications
    • What do we want to share with project this week?
      • Newsletter and Nightly page reboot and contributor submission form?
        • yeah, i call that form "timely contribution opportunities" - it can be used for nightly too? is that what you mean?
    • What do we want to share with the People team this week?
      • Feedback from People team meeting and from other sources is that the rest of the People team doesn't know what we're doing or how to help.  We should have some communications this quarter focused on the wider team.

  • FYI
    • I talked with Kimber after she joined our meeting last week to find out what she was interested in.  She recently worked on the redesign project for the Careers site and is interested in more of that type of work, so wants to help with Get Involved redesign and Nightly page redesign.  She is also interested in helping with MozCamp prep.

  • Rotating Updates (10 minutes)
    • This week: Larissa
      • mozcamp
      • newsletters
      • user research
      • hrbps
      • privacy and policy
      • program management 
      • web compat
      • pathways wg
      • ascend/opw
    • Next week: William

  • People team meeting
    • Debrief and next steps
      • push to next week so W & P can join

  • Budget
    • Review of buckets
      • Contractors -- 180k (10k used so far)
      • Meetups -- 200k (100k for 2)
      • Travel -- 60k (Divided by 5 or 7)
      • Training -- 8k
    • Contractor questions
      • What do we want to spend in q2?  Initial idea was to front-load all of contractor budget in first half of year to accelerate us
        • Larissa: research (and the newsletter/timely contribution opportunities) (Jennie) - 15 hrs/week for each for these for Q2
        • Michelle: designer for playbook and pathways this will be a set amount, not an ongoing cost.
        • Pierros: metrics
        • Christie: webdev/wiki help, sprint piggy-backed on mozcamp / possibly someone to help with diversity and inclusion activities
          • if we get a full time coordinator req we might 
        • Note: We'll also have 3 interns this summer that can help (Sara, Joelle, Sean)
          • we can talk a bit about each of their strengths and what we may want them to do, its time to start refining their scopes of workcan we have some time dedicated to talk about this?  not team meeting where we don't have time for in depth discussion yes lets do that next week... if that is soon enough
    • Meetup questions
      • Do we want to do 1 or 2 Meetups this year? does this mean big-CBT or core-CBT+1
      • If we do 1, how would we deconstruct the other meetup?  
        • Travel to partner team's workweeks?  
        • Work weeks around each Working Group where we invite volunteers and staff to work with us in person in Portland, SF/MV, Paris, etc.
          • Next steps:
            • Start planning end of year CBT meetup now
            • Everyone to think about opportunities to travel to meet people or bring people to work with us
        • Invite volunteers from key focus areas to work with us?
        • How can we leverage other events for working sprints?
          • mozcamps may work for this
    • Travel questions
      • We have discretion for how to use the budget.  
        • How do we divide it?  
        • What do we do if we want to go over?
      • When/where do we want our next work week?  Difficult to schedule around MozCamp without knowing location and date.  Would be great to include Jennie and the 3 summer interns and Kimber +1
        • Piggyback on MozCamp / MozFestival later in the year
        • Stand alone one in late July -- week of July 28th?
    • Training
      • Are there any interests in training opportunities?  Do we divide up among all of us or just among people interested in training opportunities?
        • interested. lets discuss options
    • Question: do we want contractors (Jennie for now) and/or interns to join this meeting? yes/no? Had been not doing that but with Jennie in particular I think it may be becoming less efficient +1 for all people doing work with us on our team joining this meeting
    • Point of order-- can we please have each working group do a "silent update"  ( like project call non verbal updates) on this pad- each week?  So that people can consume the informaion and connect for questions, and so there is a record of work ongoing? +11111