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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 5 May 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Create a travel budget
  • Add discussion about a mid-year in person working group meetup to next WG meeting agenda.  Think about piggy-back opportunities (MozCamp Design session, our team's work week in August, etc,) to keep costs reasonable -- we have $100k for a mid-year meetup split across potentially 6 working groups.


  • Maker Party
    • Amira joining for a discussion about how to make this a One Mozilla event and use it to connect with new contributors across everything Mozilla does
    • Links:
    • How do we have a worldwide spread around a function?
      • Next steps:
        • Sharing the partner package to connect local partners in time for May training (but can be looped in even later)
        • Engage One Mozilla community to participate in time for July. empower local communities to run local events
        • Amira + Will to connect on community space events in France
        • Amira to follow-up with CBT team next week 
        • David to add Amira to Grow Mozilla call next Thursday

  • Action items
    • Action items from today
      • Michelle to share out Lifecycle by Thursday with wider People Audience
      • if you haven't, review slides for Chris Beard update this week and send feedback.
      • this week in 1:1s, think about and outline the story you want to tell about community growth for the quarter
      • Please tell Larissa this week if you want to attend June MozCamp.
      • Please update your budget spreadsheets ASAP

    • Action items from last week: 
      • Everyone take look at Lifecycle Doc and add suggestions for Activator/CBT   responsibilities AT EACH STAGE by Wednesday morning 7am Pacific.  ( see   email from Michelle 04/28)
      • Michelle to share out Lifecycle doc and public partner dashboard on Grow Mozilla call on May 1
      • David to work with Mardi on Building Communities with Impact TownHall and getting a date and a MozModerator instance set up (Pierros to set up MozModer
        • Town Hall scheduled for June 11 from 10-11 am pacific
        • Christie to take a pass at an outline for what we'd want to include in the Enabling Communities Town Hall meeting for next week's team meeting
        • The slides for cbeard may be a good starting point for Town Hall content?
      • Respond to thread on Team alias about "What we need" for Cbeard/DCohen/DBoswell meeting on May 6th
      • Add the calendar/timing information on the opportunities at scale doc at: +1

  • Nominations for community building superstar badge
    • Catching more people from Design session -- we have good list from last week's meeting but it isn't complete -- do we have a full attendee list with emails somewhere?
    • Community building MoFos from Design Session and All Hands: Michelle Thorne, Laura Hilliger, Amira Dhalla, Adam Lofting, Emily Goligoski

  • Communications
  • FYI
  • 1:1s for this week
    • Trying this as a new section to add more structure to our 1:1s -- will see if it's helpful
    • Be thinking about the story you want to tell this quarter and start an outline

  • Rotating Updates (10 minutes)
    • This week: William
    • Next week: William around affiliate space initiative

  • Attendance at MozCamp Beta in June
    • June 21 and 22 at the JW Marriott in Bangalore, India
    • Content areas: Support,  User Research/Design, Mobilizers, Location Services, Community Building content from WebMaker  (probably), a piece on how to recruit new volunteers using the mission+manifesto (how to talk about the missision and manifesto) plus some MDN/DevRel co-located event and maybe an L10N party.

  • Travel requests
    • Identifying our travel plans for the year
    • Our #1 priority for the year is to partner with teams and grow the number of active contributors
      • We'll find space in the budget for anything in support of this
      • We'll also find space for travel for training opportunities
      • Travel not related to this will need to be decided with the budget that's available (this includes the $60k dedicated travel budget and what happens with $100k mid-year meetup budget)

  • Bugzilla product and component for team projects
  • Best practices for geodistributed teams
    • Proposal by Pierros for team alias
    • IRC vs email vs vidyo meetings
    • Physical meetings proposal