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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 2 June 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:



  • Please read -- we won't go through this information together in the meeting, but everyone needs to know about this.  Send any questions or comments to the team alias.

  • 1:1s for this week
    • Please be ready to talk through your story

  • PTO/Travel
    • David has jury duty on June 17 -- will reschedule meetings for that day and for latter in the week too if I end up getting selected
      • Is this still that old case? Or a new one?
    • David is on PTO June 30-July 4 (in England)
      • Will be working from July 7-July 11 from Paris office
    • Christie is out of office 23-27 June for Open Source Bridge
    • Michelle is in NY at Content Services Work week June 14-19th-- on email, not in meetings
    • Michelle is out June 30-July 4 on PTO

  • Communications
  • Strategy lens discussions
    • Marketplace: Followed up with Rick again after his recent announcement of changes in his team and he suggested following up with Lisa Brewster and Wil Clouser.
      • Lisa has a new team that includes Amy and they're building a community around App reviews and need help selling the value of issues badges to their community and help implementing it with limited resources
      • Wil is looking to bring webdev contributors in to help with the Marketplace site
    • Legal: Have time with Denelle later this week
    • Services: Trying to lock down time with Mark Mayo

  • Other items
    • Debbie has been approached by someone at the Clinton Global Initiative about an initiative focused on addressing the youth unemployment rate through training and mentoring.  She sees the potential for volunteer opportunities at Mozilla to fit in with that effort.  Will share more when I have more information.


  • Nominations for community building superstar badge (2 minutes)
  • Rotating Updates (5 minutes)
    • This week: Pierros
        • This is both the code name and the name for the project
      • Combined mofo/moco dashboard (a first!)
        • This will hopefully present a visual for people to see what the metrics look like
    • Next week: Larissa next week
      • Michelle to update on content services after the work week-- June 23

  • Blockers
    • Is anyone feeling stuck on anything?
    • Christie: Conflict with E&C Working Group and People team work, example:
      • Are the WGs empowered?  Are stakeholders coordinating with the WGs?
      • Events: William's team is working together well
      • There is a stakeholder issue there as to who comes vs what's being decided
      • Systems: People actually need to integrate systems, so they need to be there
      • Pathways: we are trying to communicate more in between meetings
      • We may need to step in and say what a working group is and share that out
      • Let's find time to sort out what's working and what's not at working groups

  • Interns
    • Documenting who's coming and what people will be working on

1.  Please hang out in and encourage your interns to hang out in the #mozopw  IRC room. 
2. Would people be willing to have a chat on vidyo once per month?
3. As an intern, I blogged approximately every 2-3 weeks, and I feel like  that was sufficient. I also wrote a long capstone blog post, which was  helpful for me to wrap up.
When your interns blog, please tell the other people involved in OPW  either via email or IRC or post it on the wiki (below). We may want to  broadcast it on a Mozilla blog or in a Mozilla newsletter and it's  important that we gather all of the materials together in order to  demonstrate the program's value.
We want to broadcast news of the  interns and support their work.  If blogging isn't their thing, maybe  writing a quick post about a bug fix or a patch or some piece of code  they're writing?  We want all of this to be documented.
4. Could you  find out if your interns are planning on attending an event like ADACamp  or Open Source Bridge? If so, I think it would be great to meet up.  Setting people up to meet in person is a super significant experience  and really colored my time as an intern, so the earlier that can happen,  the better, in my opinion.
5. I created this wiki page: to document all of the work that the interns are creating.
Please! Use it! Encourage your interns to use it! I made a few categories, but it can be edited and expanded upon.
6.  At the end of everyone's internship, we're going to ask them to do a  brownbag presentation that talks about their projects and what they've  learned.

  • Stories
    • Audience: The whole project -- needs to be more specific -- write for the people you need to say yes to you in your partnerships
      • David will roll-up these stories and package them for the SC audience
      • We should maybe get more explicit about who the audience is and is not
      • We need to get honest about who is saying yes and who is saying no.
      • What does it mean in terms of what does the project look like right now, and what do you want that audience to do?  Are we talking to only paid contributors, ie, and they may not be used to working in the open
      • It's not that I want to explain the goal, it's how do we explain the stories to people who may not know the goal
      • what does the workflow look like, etc?  What is the ask?
      • We're trying to partner with folks who may not already understand what we have to do
      • IE some of the stories are for smaller, more specific audiences.  We can't define every story in terms of the whole project all the time
      • What story is there at what time?
      • This is also a way to talk about the lifecycle and what part of the lifecycle we are in. This is not about scale and growth because it is to early and ultimately we want to get away from it being SCALE! 
      • The people already going regularly to the Grow calls and are working with us have already said yes and we don't need to convince them
        • The user stories will help us be able to talk about the lifecycle
          • Larissa has been thinking about hers in terms of multiple audiences
          • Do we want people to say yes to you and your partnerships?
          • We want people to be successful in the partnerships that you are doing?
          • The  number of different teams that we have to work with is more than we can  handle. We're still not meeting the goals with the priority areas, and  those relationships are changing
          • We can pick and choose where we're working and with whom
            • if the partnerships aren't working, we can move on?
          • What do you want the person who is listening to the story to know about it?
          • Why are we telling this story?
          • Telling the stories is different from what we're doing at the Town Hall
          • There are people in your partnerships who you need to get on with doing what you want to do
          • You want to get people to do something different, and then the success stories are how we spotlight that
  • Sean is a free agent and feel free to reach out and provide him stuff to do

    • Framing growth
      • This quarter isn't all about scale, so we can have stories that cover each of the phases of the lifecycle
        • Pre-work: Content Services (Michelle)
        • Starting: Webdev (Christie)
          • Preparing for growth:
        • Scaling:
        • Sustaining:

    • Setting the stage for next year
      • We can also start establishing the other types of partnership work we want to do with our stories.
        • Addressing community debt- QA?
        • Distributing knowledge
        • Breaking new ground
        • Leveraging other organizations
        • We need to show the people who have the power to change the workflows that there is more than just growth
        • Framing growth
        • Michelle and David will make the storytelling tighter
        • If the people at the Town Hall can do one thing, what will that be? +1 from Jennie
        • Larissa wants to know what that one action would be.  IE could everyone share a contribution action
          • this will make people engaged with the goal and take one action

    • Scheduling
      • I'd like to have a cadence throughout June for these instead of having them all go at the end of the quarter
        • Week of June 2: Pierros
        • Week of June 9:
        • Week of June 16:
        • Week of June 23:
        • Week of June 30:
    • Where
      • Blogs and project calls

  • Town Hall prep
    • If every Mozillian watching/attending our town hall were to take an action as a result, what would you want that action to be?
      • Michelle: I want everyone watching to engage with our team to learn how to get involved.  IE Take an action to connect to us.

  • Creating visibility on our partnerships
    • Our team needs more visibility, HRBPs are asking for more visibility, Debbie is asking too
    • What can we do
      • Iteration on our partner SmartSheet
        • Refining what is important to track -- pairing things down to just the essentials for now
          • Renamed 'Conversion points' column to 'Active contributor definition'
          • Added a 'Flags' column as a way for us to identify areas we need to discuss as a team
          • Removed these columns: Strategy Lens, # of contributors, target for end of year, # of contributors previous year, link to meeting minutes, % increase in past year, % of total contributor base par region, % of contributors not active in past 12 months, Current leverage ratio, Target Leverage Ratio, ROI, Resources (i): link to contribution pathway wiki, Resources (iii): link to mentorship program, Resources (ii): link to community health dashboard, Recognition: Badges
        • Creating responsibility for keeping the content up to date -- Jennie is taking this on and will be following up with each of you
      • Iterate on wiki
  • Update your documentation, folks!

Remember: "If work is done and there's no documentation created, then it may as well have not happened." No one wants that!

Action items

  • Action items from today
    • Michelle and David will make the storytelling tighter
    • Everyone please talk about the storytelling on the list.  Pierros will make an effort to get his finished story out over the list
  • Action items from last week: