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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 23 June 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Work on your story (if you're done with your story, start drafting your personal Q3 goals)


  • 1:1s for this week
    • Be ready to talk through your initial thoughts on Q3 goals

  • Communications
    • What we'll share with the project this week
      • Stats about number of public Google Docs and call for people to make those public and to create new docs on the wiki
      • Larissa's and William's stories of growth [carry over]
    • What we'll share with the People team this week

    • What will we share with the People leads this week

  • Strategy lens discussions
    • Firefox: Johnathan sees major growth potential for areas he cares about around Web Compat and QA.  For QA, we talked about the issue of community debt and of a community manager who is driving and he was receptive.  We also covered the same issue of community debt and having a community manager for l10n and he deferred to Chris and asked us to get back to him if needed if we're stuck.  He is also encouraged by what Mike Hoye and Josh Matthews have been doing with coding contributors and wants us to support them spreading those best practices more among coding teams (for example, reaching out to team and engineers not yet taking part in mentored bugs process).  He sees some continued growth with coding contributors and isn't concerned about hitting a ceiling of growth here, although doesn't think this is an area for large scale compared to something like Web Compat or QA or Location Services.
    • Upcoming: Li
      • Does anyone have any asks for Li?

  • Michelle's Content Services Update
    • The people are at Mozilla because they want to change advertising on the web
    • They are great, and they need to learn how to work in the open and also learn how to work with community
      • Have gotten the drama without the benefit of community
    • "Community" can = "Mob" to them
    • They don't code, so OS Software is not a tangible benefit
    • These people are the first who we've hired who have ad experience
    • They want to make something that both provides benefit to the user as well as makes $$
    • Rotating directory tile around the Get Involved tile!  Yay
    • Donate, support, etc
    • They did see that they have a way to be community leaders
    • Very, very beginning of how to say yes to community
    • Open call to understand the one concept, etc
    • These people said yes by the end
    • If they had 2,000 and not 20 people on their team, what could they build?
    • What happens when you start cracking open the possibilities for community and open work practices?
    • and influencers in the community begin to understand and maybe even hack on the projects that they're doing
    • Care and feeding of the community doesn't happen because you're open, but instead because you have focused intentionally on it
    • By 2015: consistent community involvement
    • They could parallel certain things that change how the product work
    • Meeting people where they are in terms of community
    • Best practice: meet people where they are
    • Posting publicly is hard for some people and they feel like they're being attacked

  • Stories Schedule
  • PTO/Travel
    • Larissa is at MozCamp Bangalore this week June 16-23 and then Open Source Bridge (Speaking) next week, arriving home June 27
    • David is on PTO June 30-July 4 (in England)
      • Will be working from July 7-July 11 from Paris office
    • Christie is out of office 23-27 June for Open Source Bridge
    • Jennie is at PyCamp in Oshkosh, WI June 12-June 20
      • ADACamp June 21-June 22
      • Also at OS Bridge with Christie and Larissa June 23-27
    • Michelle is out June 30-July 4 on PTO
    • Pierros is out half Wed, half Thursday and full Friday 25th-27th June


  • Nominations for community building superstar badge (2 minutes)
  • Rotating Updates (5 minutes)
    • This week: Michelle to update on content services after the work week-- June 23
    • Next week: 

  • Blockers
    • Is anyone feeling stuck on anything?

  • Attending upcoming People team meeting
    • In MV and remote participation possible
    • Date/Time: Noon, 14 July - 5 p.m., 15 July
  • Work week for WG: MV or SF? Week after the work week

  • Stories
    • Critical that we tell our stories this quarter
      • MozCamp has caused some delays in posting stories, so want to make sure we catch up on story telling this week with Michelle, Larissa and William posting
    • Writing our stories are a great segue into the comp cycle

  • Try not to get stuck on tools for Performance Reviews
    • What are we spending our time on and what is the impact?
    • People keeps trying to decouple compensation and feedback
      • Impact  statements are trying to make yrself look like a big superstar, but  Michelle has been successful when she makes honest assessment of her  work
    • Discussion of Impact:
      • Outline the work you have done in the last year
      • Detail the impact to you, to your immediate team, to your larger team and to the org that work had
        • Example:  
          • Work: Rolled out survey system around recruiting feedback.
          • Impact:  Allowed for change internally on team, increased visibility to the org  for changes we are making, impacted trusted partner role by creating  format to hear from the org on a regular basis. 
      • It's  important to capture all the work you did, even if it didn't have the  impact that you wanted.  Make sure you flag what got in your way, and  where you need to focus for professional growth. 
      • Based on the impact you have been making, start thinking about where you want to grow next.
        • Ex:   I'm challenged on writing blog posts, I communicate better verbally.   Growth opportunity for me is to consistently develop my written voice so  that it's not as hard to share out via blog. 
      • Using  the outline of your work, have the conversation with your manager that  highlights your impact and growth opportunities.  Be prepared to get  personal feedback from your manager on impact you have that you are not  aware of, both positive and negative. 

  • Work week
  • Goals
    • For Q2 goals: Flag any concerns you have for at risk goals in your 1:1 this week and mark status on the goals pad by the end of the month
    • For personal Q3 goals: Start drafting personal goals on pad when you're done with your stories
  • Community Building meeting at end of year
  • Creating visibility on our partnerships
    • Review of SmartSheet content
      • Almost all filled out -- combination of people adding definition information and more information on contribution systems plus removing some extra systems columns that weren't needed because the data is on the Baloo wiki
    • More refinements to come in Q3

  • Announcement of with real data
    • +1+1
      • Review wordings and notification on the dashboard
      • The Foundation is totally on board
      • The discussions around what is an active contributor has been really helpful
      • Also what are the sources that we're looking at
      • This is a dashboard in development
      • It's actual contributions
      • IE We could hit 10,000 without a lot of work, for example
      • We're still missing 3,000 people from according to our own definitions. This data-driven approach will be helpful
      • this goes beyond: we had a goal, let's do it

  • Pathways ask for Core contribution tracking and management
    • Pierros' update on discussion with Vicky
      • Focused on systems and data
      • Active vs core vs casual contributors
      • WorkDay as a way of tracking core contributors?
      • This is making us do the work more broadly
      • Layering it into the pathways discussion... 
      • Integrating the contributor flow into Workday is a lot of work and maybe by Q4?

Action items

  • Action items from today
    • Jennie will add a column to smartsheet with template for teams
  • Action items from last week: