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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 7 July 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:



  • 1:1s for this week
    • Be ready to talk through status of Q2 goals and review draft Q3 goals

  • Communications
    • What we'll share with the project this week
      • There will be a top level goal review at the MoCo meeting today
    • What we'll share with the People team this week
      • We'll share that Michelle has moved to the CBT full-time
    • What will we share with the People leads this week

  • Strategy lens discussions
    • Li: Had a great conversation with Li before I left for vacation.  He had concerns about growing community in an unplanned and unguided way.  He was reassured to learn that this wasn't the case and really responded well to the frame of intentionality -- he even asked about how we could bring that intentionality to regional community building.

  • PTO/Travel
    • David is working from July 7-July 11 from Paris office
    • WilliamQ in Taipei from July 11-14
    • Larissa and Sean are attending the Engagement offsite this week in Santa Cruz
    • Larissa is in Utah followed by India (logical, right?) from the 16th to the 27th (will be working from India, but 12.5 hour time offset)
    • CK Berlin travel 11-21 July. In Berlin office on 14&18th, at OKFestival in between. Timezone will be UTC+2 (9 hours ahead of PT).


  • Guest star
  • There is going to be a testing group that is testing the things in order to help tell what direction we're going in
  • There is a diagram of the flow from this page
  • Dynamic content that needs to be created. There is a lot
  • What Can I do for Mozilla and One and Done (for example)
    • all the sites will feed into the central system, but there will always be team specific sites, like Nightly
  • How is that page performing?
  • How to triage things and make them move smoothly? We're starting to take the few things to choose from and drilling down further
  • Local links get the most hits on nightly
  • Serving pathways that don't have stewards
  • Get in touch with Jen for more questions

  • Nominations for community building superstar badge (2 minutes)

  • Blockers
    • Is anyone feeling stuck on anything?
    • CK: Need help coordinating when there is overlap in team partnerships
    • In particular with Marketplace and WebDev
      • Is everything related to Marketplace?
      • Audit who are the community managers on staff and what are their roles?
      • Are we supporting people functionally or vertically and how do we fix things?

  • Attending upcoming People team meeting
    • In MV and remote participation possible
    • Date/Time: Noon, 14 July - 5 p.m., 15 July
    • Will cancel our team meeting next week since this will take up a lot of our time
    • CK - In Berlin at OKFestival during this time and unable to participate.
      • Please respond to the calendar invite

  • Goals
    • Q2 goal review
      • Debbie said it seemed like we had a great quarter at my last 1:1
      • I want to do a wrap-up post linking to all of our stories and may also do another wrap-up post with highlights from the working groups.
    • Q3 goals
      • Theme for the quarter: Scale
      • Discussion of top-level goals for Q3
        • Grow the number of active contributors in the Mozilla community to 10,000 
          • Debbie is interested in knowing where the growth is going to come from and what growth to expect from the different groups.  I've told her we'll see the bulk of growth from supporting newer areas like Location Services and Privacy and we'll see smaller rates of growth from supporting established contribution areas like Coding and QA.  We also can't make estimates for growth for all areas until we have more data in Baloo.  We'll want some clear examples of how we've had an impact on accelerating contribution growth for a team -- a chart on showing a clear uptick in growth that we can point to.
        • Increase our contribution metrics by integrating at least four more existing contribution systems into the dashboard
        • Create and launch an internal marketing campaign about the Contribution Lifecycle to showcase momentum, model growth activities, and feature how-to's for volunteers and paid staff
          • Outcome of doing this: Everyone in the project understands what they're being asked to do to support this goal: work in the open.  Project leaders also have confidence that the experiment with intention community building is a success and can be built on.
          • This is an evolution of what we did in Q2 with sharing stories and the details need to be sorted out, but it will look different than us telling another handful of stories at the end of Q3.
        • Provide training and toolkits to better equip volunteer contributors to recruit others into key participation pathways at a v2 MozCamp (need metrics for measuring impact of effort)
          • We'll be supporting Engagement with this goal
        • Launch the redesigned “Get Involved” page and measure conversion rate of people who become active contributors
          • We'll be supporting Engagement with this goal
        • Improve the badge creation and issuing process for Mozilla teams and establish baseline metrics for activity on
          • We'll be supporting MoFo with this goal
      • Discussion of personal goals
        • Partnerships come first with our goals for the rest of the year
          • Determine which one of your partnerships has the biggest potential for scale and prioritize supporting that area
          • We shouldn't be concerned about hitting the 20,000 number since it looks like there will be a lot more contributors to add as we integrate more systems into Baloo.  The concern is to show that the support we're providing to teams is making a measurable difference.
        • Working group work needs to be prioritized after partnership work

  • Debbie wants us to be able to predict growth rates across the organization, which is going to be difficult until we get numbers into Baloo
  • We need to be able to show not only that our partners think that we're adding substantive value, but  that it's being shared out
  • What's the impact that our work is making?
    • We should be seeing the results in the upcoming quarter
    • If the focus is on scale, then our contributors need to do things in a measurable way
    • Whether or not we reach a giant number, if we can't show a contribution, then it is not worthwhile. 
  • Showing the structure has paid off repeatedly. The plan and lifecycle is really helpful to show to partners
  • We need to start thinking about telling the story at the beginning of the quarter and communicating out what we're doing
  • Not just help them understand what our team does, but also explain how can they work in the open
    • and we are here to help them do that

Action items and notes

  • Please respond to the people team invite for the offsite, particularly if you're remote
  • Go into goals and do a quick update on them (Q2 goals?)