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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 21 July 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: Michelle
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:



  • 1:1s for this week
    • Be ready to discuss your impact if we haven't had that conversation yet

  • Communications
    • What we'll share with the project this week

    • What we'll share with the People team this week

    • What will we share with the People leads this week

  • Notes from London and Paris discussions
    • Lots of interest in using Spaces for community building events -- Paris has had really successful bug squashing party and London is interested in what's happening with the pilot in Paris 
    • People are interested in how to get more time and support for community building -- for example, the bug squashing event was done over the weekend and people had to work all weekend for that plus all week before and after that event 
    • The theme came up in both discussions about the need for us to reach out to our managers and teams and advocate for community building goals 
    • Some people expressed that they wouldn't be sharing the work they're doing with volunteers in their performance reviews because their managers view it as a distraction and not part of their job

  • PTO/Travel
    • Larissa is in Utah followed by India (logical, right?) from the 16th to the 27th (will be working from India, but 12.5 hour time offset)
    • CK Berlin travel 11-21 July. In Berlin office on 14&18th, at  OKFestival in between. Timezone will be UTC+2 (9 hours ahead of PT).
    • Michelle PTO Wednesday 07/23 to celebrate hubby's b-day.  Email before 7am and after 9pm. 
    • Pierros PTO Wednesday 07/23 to Tuesday 07/29 for Astro event.


  • Nominations for community building superstar badge (2 minutes)
    • Dattaz on Mozillians--
  • Blockers
    • Is anyone feeling stuck on anything?
    • If you aren't blocked-- what problems are you solving for this week?  
      • William-- Communication around community space initiative.  Concerns from key stakeholders are putting the communications are on hold. 
        • Spaces in Asia are being re-budgeted
        • Communications is going to start this week on Williams blog this week. 
        • ACTION: Anyplace we can support?  Someone proofread blog post before it goes live.  
      • Sean-- Internal marketing campaign work
        • Layout project plan for that moving forward
        • List of stakeholders-- collecting data about what they currently understand about CBT
        • ACTION: Support Sean by surfacing stakeholders not on the smart sheet and giving any stakeholder research to him in advance
          • Adam Lofting (MoFo) Systems and Data
          • Clint Talbert

      • Larissa-- 1)Lack of definition around privacy pathway 2)
        • ACTION: Anyplace we can support?  
      • Pierros-- Working on integrations for Baloo 
        • Reps is done :)
        • AmyTsay for Marketplace
        • MDN-- non clarity -- Michelle will help wrangle them. 
        • Services Partnership:  Waiting on Q3 goals. 
        • Beginning to manage (merge!) the coding meetings!! YAY!
      • Jennie: Facilitation Training last week-- went well-- need more tangible ways of communicate, especially what the term consensus based decision making means. 
        • ACTION: Give Jennie examples where consensus based decision making has worked well here.

Consensus is a form of distributed decision-making. 
Consensus decision making is a creative and dynamic way of  reaching agreement between all members of a group. Instead of simply  voting for an item and having the majority of the group getting their  way, a consensus group is committed to finding solutions that everyone  actively supports - or at least can live with. 
Consensus is neither compromise nor unanimity - it aims to go  further by weaving together everyone's best ideas and key concerns - a  process that often results in surprising and creative solutions,  inspiring both the individual and the group as whole. 
Consensus can work in all types of settings - small groups, local  communities, businesses, even whole nations and territories. The exact  process may differ depending on the size of the group and other factors,  but the basic principles are the same. 

  • Jennie still doing documentation on wiki, but she's noticed that we aren't updating them-- would love to help solve that.  She is here to support.  
  • Student to working on interactive history of Mozilla.  (

  • Michelle is working on an internal marketing campaign
  • Meeting with Sean and Mardi
  • Fast followers and initial ways that people adopt these projects
  • Marketing campaign is getting people to engage with what they're already doing and evangelize out
  • We need to have a brainstorm with people who have been a really big part of engagement before  Jessie Montano is William's suggestion.
  • We need to start the campaign this quarter: Plan done by the end of the month.

  • Increasing visibility within our team
  • What problems are you solving? Is the question that we asked on 07/21 and that worked for most of the people in the room.  took about 30 minutes.  If we do it regularly it will probably take less time. 
  • Try having part of the team meeting be devoted to a stand-up format?  We each answer the questions:
  • What did you do last week?
  • What are you working on this week?
  • Do you have blockers?
  • Michelle: I have a problem with the word blockers, I'm rarely blocked by anyone else for long enough to say yes to this.  I do however need insight and experience help from my team in solving the challenges my client groups are working on.  Can we consider asking for this in a different way?  Or is it a function of SCRUM that we use the term?
  • Bring back hack time at a day/time we can all regularly attend?

  • Can we combine Hack Time with the Stand Up?  30 minutes Stand up and then 60 minute work together?
  • That would be great! I love hack time! <3 Tuesday is fine. Wednesday is better.
  • I love hack time, and I like doing an earlyish time (PDT), and I like Wednesday. I *can* doTuesday but I'm almost always on the road on Tuesday mornings.  I could move my tuesday travel to wednesday. I want standups included.
  • I can do Tuesday (William)
  • +1 for Tuesday (Pierros)
  • Identify the core items we are tracking for each partnership and commit to regularly keeping a wiki, SmartSheet or some other document updated?
  • We need to make a decision about how highly we're using each level of documentation
  • We don't necessarily need to document everything we're doing at all times
  • The secondary question is how we engage and access the expertise on the team to make our work stronger together? Is the wiki the answer to that?
  • The smartsheet is very high level and the wiki is a little less high level
  • ACTION: David to make it clear-- what is needed. Are we putting out all the information we need
  • We are all overwhelmed with documenting things. 
  • Put it in for 5 minutes in every hack time

  • Thinking about the internal marketing campaign goal for Q3--
  • all welcome to brainstorm meeting (invite to come out later) - will get your input at some point regardless

  • Back to basics
  • A theme from the People team meeting
  • Are there notes from the people team meeting? Are there videos?
  • What does it mean for us to go back to basics?
  • Community growth
  • Community recruitment
  • Community retention
  • Process Optimization

Action items and notes

  • Examples of consensus
  • David needs to make it clear what we need in terms of information we need on the smartsheet and the wiki and what he's using these things for
  • Anyplace we can support Larissa in her India work?