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Community Building Resources

This list will serve as an editable group of resources that community builders can use as a force of change and education!

List of resources, separated by type

Title Link Author Description
Buzzing Communities: How to build bigger, better, more active online communities Richard Millington Mainly focused on communities of interest based in discussion forums, but lots of good information about communities in general, such as the "community lifecycle". (I wrote an endorsement blurb for the front matter, where I'm listed as a "Developer" at Mozilla; my title got severely truncated.)
Building Successful Online Communities: Evidence-based social design Robert Kraut, Paul Resnick and others Gathers social science research about various aspects of community building and offers recommendations based on it.
Building Web Reputation Systems Randy Farmer and Bryce Glass Describes building blocks and structures for capturing reputations for things and people, based on experiences at Yahoo and elsewhere.
Cultivating Communities of Practice: A guide to managing knowledge Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, and William Snyder It's focused on CoP's within businesses (because that's a good way to sell books). Most communities within Mozilla are communities of action (working together toward a common purpose), but our CBT is also a community of practice (sharing expertise and applying it to our individual efforts).
Building United Judgment: A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making Michael Avery " If you have only one consensus book in your library, this is the one to have. If you are a group attempting to use consensus, you will benefit hugely from the practical advice this book has to offer."
Websites, Online Courses
Title Link Author Description
The Online Community Guide Richard Millington a blog about online communities.
Feverbee Community Management Course Richard Millington [Janet] took all three modules of this course over the past year. I could do a series of brown bags summarizing what I got out of them and how I think they apply to Mozilla, if there's interest.
The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation Jono Bacon
Community Event Planning Christie Koehler, Sherri Montgomery, Audrey Eschright If you’ve ever thought about hosting a code sprint, hackathon, (un)conference or workshop, this book is for you.
Youtube Videos, DVDs
Title Link Author Description
Building Community: Jessica Posner at TEDxMileHigh Jessica Posner When a problem presents itself, do you stand by and watch it happen or do you tackle it head on? For humanitarian Jessica Posner, the answer is simple: do something about it.