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Title Firefox OS Local Content
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Mozilla has successfully launched Firefox OS in nearly 20 countries in Latam, Europe and Asia and the reception for the product has been generally positive. While we have been very good at creating buzz and excitement around our Fx OS launches in the weeks before and after our launches, we have had difficulty sustaining the momentum gained and interest/excitement/engagement peters out which this challenge aims to address.
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Post-launch, we tend to lose momentum and excitement around Firefox OS because we do not equip our most passionate champions on the ground with the necessary resources, content and support to regularly run activities that help increase Firefox OS mindshare and adoption.
Impact Goal
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Scale Firefox OS
Motivation There is HUGE interest on the part of Mozillians in launch countries to promote Firefox OS. The pre-launch Firefox OS Community Launch Program has been, in general successful. This interest manifests itself in the large number of Mozillians who sign up to participate in the various launch activities we organize in the run-up and shortly after a launch. They participate across the board in sales training, social media, developer outreach, and other areas. Unfortunately, participation wanes after a few weeks not because of apathy or a loss of interest but because we don’t adequately encourage/followup/support Mozillians with resources, content and other materials to continue running activities long after the launch.
Problem Statement
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Post-launch, we tend to lose momentum and excitement around Firefox OS because we do not equip our most passionate champions on the ground with the necessary resources, content and support to regularly run activities that help increase Firefox OS mindshare and adoption.
What’s the approach? Do you have an existing process, system or framework to guide the contribution? What tools and resources will the community be provided?

Content is king: if we want to sustain momentum around Fx OS post-launch, we need to have fresh and locally relevant content available to the user. Instead of reinventing the wheel, let’s build and expand on what we *know* works well one off developer events (eg. App Days) do not produce high quality apps targeted event with robust and sustained follow-up/mentoring weeks following the event *do* generate high quality, hyper-local apps We need to have an integrated approach (ie. collaboration among engagement, product, engineering teams) to create content and materials, provide necessary resources and establish an aggressive calendar of activities for Mozillians to run promotional/educational activities across their country following the launch of Firefox OS We need to leverage our community spaces in the launch countries (i.e. India) to use them as operational bases to plan and execute regular campaigns, initiatives and activities throughout the country. As a volunteer, the space will be the go-to place to work with staff and volunteers in person, learn about and plan post-launch Fx OS activities throughout the year and get specific training for these activities. As a staff member, the space will be the place to plan and coordinate Firefox OS post-launch activities with volunteers and provide training for volunteers

Other ideas:

Creating an editorial calendar of local events (social, sports, music) and promoting apps as themed collections, for example, Back to school, an event that occurs around the world at different times can be translated into a “great apps for students” campaign, the community/FSA can be instrumental in identifying such events and in running campaigns utilizing social media. There could be an offline extension as well with community promoting FxOS phones and the relevant apps at student fairs etc. Point is that we are adding a new layer to FxOS device value proposition, increasing its relevancy to the end user with a timely app proposition. Taking this on to content marketing and media outreach- the 2 key ingredients when it comes to content marketing are content creation and content distribution, we should empower community to participate in both. Example: articles in huff post, mashable and alike titled anything from “6 travel apps <>” to "10 apps to train your brain <>" securing such exposure in the US is hard and competitive but we could be more proactive and successful in FxOS launch markets, building relationships with top local bloggers as well as online publications and pitch stories and app collections.

Tactics run a nation-wide online app competition to create locally relevant content/apps working closely with local communities to identify the best developers and local media properties and participate in this competition competition will reward the top 50 apps submitted competition will last 6 weeks giving ample time for developers to conceptualize their app, receive mentorship/support from local Mozilla community and create a polished, high-quality app competition will be kicked-off by large event in nation’s tech-hub where developers and local media properties would converge and be able to: learn more about Mozilla and Fx OS brainstorm together ideas for apps demo conceptual prototypes competition will be followed by local weekly follow-up events where local Mozilla community:

invite developers participating in the challenge to follow-up on the progress of their app, mentor/train them and motivate them (This will not only help developers follow-through on their project but help train Fx OS mentors within the local Mozilla community)

promote the online competition and encourage more people to participate in the competition competition will close with a large celebratory event where the top 50 apps submitted are unveiled, and various prizes awarded, media invited

Supporting & sponsoring 3rd party app-a-thons; asking them to participate, with some token swags of appreciation - if the hack/app/prototype is Web-platform based/focused

  1. of mentorship events organized during competition
How will you measure both completion and positive impact?
  1. of new local apps submitted to marketplace
  2. of new developers registered on marketplace
  3. of downloads
  4. of reviews
  5. of (3rd party) social media promotions
  6. of developers participating in the challenge
  7. of developer mentors/evangelists trained during the competition
  8. of devices sold (if data is available) by different partners
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events planning

community marketing developer engagement Mozilla Reps platform media relations and communications training social media outreach

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Competition will start mid-October 2014 and end first week of December 2014
Are there specific regions where the work needs to happen? Can the work be done in a distributed manner? Or do contributors all need to be in the same place?
Mexico & India
What events can or should play a role in this project? This can be a work week, a Mozilla event, or a 3rd party event. An event also does not need to be part of this challenge. The work might be able to be completed outside of or independent of an event. Events should be a supportive aspect for the challenges and might be central for only a few challenges.
This challenge is based on a series of events over 6 weeks.
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William Q
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