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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Friday, April 20 at 11 AM Pacific


  • Creative team's goals
  • Best practices and models to leverage
  • Where to engage with people? Revive old design mailing list? Create new list? Try something else?
  • Logistics: Meeting frequency every month? Announce meetings somewhere to engage with interested Mozillians? Audio or vidyo call to include people outside of SF?
  • Anything else?

Action Items

  • Lee and Matej to follow up with John and Tara about how Creative Collective operates.
  • We will document existing creative channels and identify what we may want to revive or where we may need new channels.
  • David to set up a bug to get 'Graphic Design' option added to lead generation form on Get Involved page.
  • David to set up this meeting for every two weeks and we'll open it up once we have a basic structure in place.