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Meeting Details


  • Report back on adding Graphic Design to Get Involved page form
    • About 10 design inquiries a day
    • Handling responses
  • Creating a pipeline for design contributors
  • Discussion about design channels to use
  • Report back on Creative Collective status and operations
  • Helping Jess and Carmen with their design needs
  • Anything else?

Action Items

  • Matej to update auto-response text and send to David and also update wiki text with information about communication channels
  • Matej to manually follow up with people about communication channels who have contacted us before new auto-response text goes live
  • Once people are signing up to design list we'll start putting in place actions for them to take, such as a design challenge for the mainstream newsletter
  • Tobias to create a flowchart about how people interact with and progress through different levels of contribution