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The maturity model seeks to make the contribution lifecycle documentation more easy to understand for all parties. This model shows different stages a team will go through along the process of integrating community.

Identifying your team's stage of maturity, allows a more focused approach to increase commitment of community on a team. Each stage has a measure of success to work toward in order to mature. The Community Building Team will act as your partner to set achievable goals and help community involvement on your team successfully mature!

Stages of Maturity (shown in visual)

  • pre-work
    • definition: no support for contributor involvement
    • mature: dedicated resource to work with community
  • starting
    • definition: no contributors, team committed to building
    • mature: build pathway to manage incoming contributors
  • learning
    • definition: some contributors, make groundwork to scale
    • mature: at least 25 contributors through pathway
  • scaling
    • definition: empower contributors to grow community
    • mature: develop leadership to sustain momentum, 10x contributors
  • sustaining
    • definition: stable but continually adapting
    • mature: steadily increase involvement