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Create an alliance with Open Hatch in order to build together with their event expertise and group of student contributors.

Event schedule

9/13 - City College of San Francisco*

9/13 or 9/14 - University of Minnesota, Morris

10/18 - Bucknell University (PA)*

10/19 - University of Iowa

10/18 or 10/19 - Purdue University (Purdue, IN)

10/18 or 10/19 - De Paul University (Chicago, IL)

11/15 - Columbia University (NY, NY)

11/15 - Hartnell College (Salinas, CA)*

11/15 or 11/16 - University of Washington

Starred locations are definite


Open Hatch has reached thousands through their online training missions ( and Open Source Comes to Campus ( They are an affiliated non-profit that supports diversity and inclusion as well as finds pathways for students into the open source landscape through in-person events. Their curriculum covers the skills that new contributors need in order to contribute. Most events separate into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Open Hatch reached out to Mozilla in July 2014 to ask if Open Hatch events could feature a Mozilla project as the primary contribution area. While the one-day event will not onboard contributors fully, it will introduce them to Mozilla projects and mentors to achieve possible long-term contribution

How are we finding mentors?

3 weeks before event: start searching for local Mozillians on and through personal connections

2 weeks: Start contacting mentors

1 week: If no response, start recruiting global mentors who can commit to being on IRC during the time of the event

If response, then ensure that mentors know where to go and get there

Open Hatch Mentor Guide

Student Skills

  • beginner -- never seen any of these tools before ( irc, version control, bug trackers, mailing lists, etc )
  • advanced beginner -- seen these tools before, but want to go through the tutorials
  • ready-to-contribute -- these students will jump right into the contributions workshop

Open Hatch Worksheet to Design for Mentors and Contributors

1. Which event? 2. Date? 3. Location? 4. How many people are expected to come? 5. Results of pre-class survey on participant skills? 6. Can we fund food? 7. Career panel? Yes/no? 8. Seek mentors

  • Via Mozillians and personal knowledge
  • What are their expertise and are they available?

9. Number of needed mentors

Example Worksheet

1. City College of San Francisco 2. 9/13 3. San Francisco 4. 20-30 5. Results of survey:

  • 2 departments: Computer Science and Computer Networking
  • Networking is heavier on Webdev and JS
  • Computer science is SQL, Unix/Linux, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Java
  • Students are evenly divided between three groups

6. We will fund $100-$200 in food via Reps budget 7. Yes 8. Possible Mentors:

  • Lukas Blakk
  • Liz Henry / Marcia / Rebecca
  • Larissa Shapiro
  • Sean Bolton
  • Margaret Liebovic
  • Tony Santos
  • Stephany Wilkes
  • Peter Bengstrom (for L10n)

9. 3-10


3 weeks before event: Reach out to organizers to establish their process for organizing the event

2 weeks before event: Fill out worksheet and alert possible mentors. File budget request.

1 week before event: Check in with mentors and ensure that they are coming and perhaps connect them with.

At event: be aware that event is happening and be available for potential issues. Ensure there are photos.

Post-event: Check in with all involved, make sure event was successful and documented. Write blog post.

Three weeks later: Check in with mentors to ascertain rate of contributor drop-off