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Madalina Ana and Ricky Rosario (webdev)

Support Contribute Group

Meetings every other Tuesday at 9:00 AM pacific.

Action Plan


Grow the number of active Knowledge Base editors, Forum helpers and Army of Awesome contributors on SUMO


Existing Channels

Audit existing channels where potential contributors find information (or should be able to find information) about how to get involved and then optimize to make sure the channels are effective.

Offline Channels

  • ReMo SIG program: create a toolkit for Mozilla Reps to represent and recruit for SUMO
  • Events, MozCamps: attend as many as possible and build sustainable relationships with the locale communities
  • Swag/promotional material for SUMO (e.g. flyers)

New Channels

  • Firefox Clinics



  • Cape butler: a tool that allows interested people to sign up for a butler, that reminds them periodically to contribute to SUMO.

Potential Contributors

Introduce contributors to programs

  • Use Army of awesome as a first step
  • Create compelling video introductions to our support tools to make it easy for new contributors to get started
  • Standardize the personal welcoming process through SUMO staff
  • Develop guide program, where experienced SUMO contributors looking for new challenges can guide new contributors at the beginning
  • Create documents/tools/metrics/graphics that make very clear the impact of each contribution on SUMO

New contribution areas

  • Start organizing the information and the contribution opportunities around the SUMO code (kitsune)
    • First steps: find easy bug fixes for interested people
  • create API for locales to enable the use of the kitsune forums

Active Contributors

  • Help contributors to start providing support in the forums
  • Transition forum helpers to KB reviewers/editors
  • Create a rewarding program: possible merging karma with badges
  • Acknowledge publicly contributions
  • Create periodic feedback loops

Core Contributors

  • Audit rewarding programs for core contributors

Background Information

Identify Community

Find the contributors to SUMO in the SUMO groups directory.

Define Contribution Opportunities

The following pages on SUMO provide contributors with a list of opportunities:

Tweets that need a reply

Forum questions that need a response

Knowledge Base articles that need work

Knowledge Base article edits that need to be reviewed

Map Contribution Paths

We have a Quick Start Guide for new SUMO contributors.

Establish Goals and Metrics

SUMO tracks contributors in the SUMO Weekly Metrics spreadsheet For Q4 we had three contributor goals, two of which we achieved (creating more fun in SUMO and encouraging more MoCO participation in SUMO). In Q1, we have a high-level goal to grow our community that breaks out into five separate growth areas.