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We have several teams working on tools that might be beneficial for community building but no proper way so far to track the current stage and usability of these tools. Having them categorized would be beneficial in identifying the perfect time to introduce them on a global scale to users (mozillians) avoiding too many accounts for too many tools that don't have a foreseeable future of operation.

This section of the community toolkit is meant to direct prioritization in terms of resources to the tools that are most beneficial at a point in time while still giving opportunity to innovate and develop new and better tools. It would be important to see how resources are split between Mozilla Labs and active projects within Mozilla.

Categorizing tools makes adaptation by community members more bearable.

Proposed categories: Selection of categories will focus on:

  • Target Audience (end users (specify (builders, new recruits etc), pilot)
  • Development Stage:
    • Infancy
    • Evolving
    • Matured
    • Rejuvanation
  • Community uptake: pilot,


These are completely new tools with minimal testing in infant development stages. When you are struck by an idea and you feel the need to just start hacking at it right away, this is where you drop it

Priority: p3

World Ready

  • Audience: End users
  • Dev stage: Evolving
  • Implementation stage

Veteran - Champion

  • Audience: End Users
  • Dev Stage: Rejuvenation

Priroty: P1 for features affecting platform structure P3: for additional (addon) features