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These videos provide community building information, tips and instructions. If you'd like to make a video about community building or add a link here to relevant videos, please let us know.

Tips For Community Builders

These videos are produced by community builders to share tips and tricks with fellow community builders.

Tips For New Contributors

These videos are intended to give some initial tips to people who are interested in contributing to Mozilla.


These are videos of workshop sessions on various community building topics.

Berlin Keynote

These videos are excerpts from Mitchell's MozCamp Berlin keynote that contain an inspirational call to arms for openness and community building.

Brown Bags

  • Enabling communities that have impact Town Hall (from June 2014): Video
  • Community Building in 2014 brown bag (from December 2013): Video and Slides
  • What Happens When I Say Yes To Community Building? (from August 2013): Video
  • Onboarding New Volunteers workshop (from September 2012): Session info
  • Getting More Contributors Involved with Mozilla brown bag (from November 2011): Slides and Video
  • Stewards All Hands session (from September 2011): Slides and Notes

Community Best Practices

These videos have been created by local Mozilla communities to share their best practices.

  • Coming Soon

Grow Mozilla Discussions

The regular Grow Mozilla discussions are recorded and available to watch. You can find the links to the videos in the notes for each call.