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Mozilla Contributor / Contribution Analysis Project (Joint MoCo & MoFo)

This page is a home for a short piece of work happening in Oct/Nov 2014 to explore some of our existing contribution data. Current presentation of results: ("Measuring Engagement")

The goal and scope of the work:

  • Explore existing contribution datasets to look for possible insights and metrics that would be useful to monitor on an ongoing basis, before the co-incident workweek in Portland at the beginning of December.
  • We will:
    • Stress-test our current capacity to use existing contribution data
    • Look for actionable insights to support Mozilla-wide community building efforts
    • Run ad-hoc analysis before building any 'tools'
    • If useful, prototype tools that can be re-used for ongoing insights into community health
    • Build processes so that contributors can get involved in this metrics work
    • Document gaps in our existing data / knowledge
    • Document ideas for future analysis and exploration

See also: Original Proposal Document (See Part 2 - Cohort Analysis)

Who is working on this?

  • Adam Lofting (Mozilla Foundation)
  • Dave Eaves (Consultant)
  • Pierros Papadeas (Mozilla Corporation)
  • Contributors who have offered support:
    • Sujith Reddy
    • Harish Ramesh
    • Rami Khader

How can I get involved?

If you would like to contribute, we would love your support. If you can join the call, that's great. Or you can join in via the email list and the project tickets.

Join the discussion list
Weekly project check-in call

Questions to answer, and other tasks

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1081111 Question 6: Contributor retention rate statistics -- ASSIGNED
1082631 Export contribute mailing list emails for April 2013 -- RESOLVED
1082651 Question 5: Can we create a geographical overview of our contributors. i.e. by country. -- NEW
1086200 Question 1: Contributor Cohort Analysis -- ASSIGNED
1086201 Question 2: Impact of response times on future contributions -- NEW
1086203 Question 3: Impact of *asking* for contributions -- NEW
1086204 Question 4: "Members Returning for Action" -- ASSIGNED
1086210 Question 7: What is the impact on localization community of leaning on them to push the launch of FirefoxOS in a new market? -- RESOLVED
1086213 Document a process for Metrics contributors to sign an NDA -- NEW
1097606 Question 8: Can we measure a return on investment of dedicating resources to community building? -- NEW
1101047 Export mailing lists for May 2014 to-date -- ASSIGNED

11 Total; 9 Open (81.82%); 2 Resolved (18.18%); 0 Verified (0%);

Other questions you would like to explore?

If you have ideas for other questions you think we should ask of our contributor data, join the mailing list and File a new ticket here.