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Mozilla has formed a new group, Contributor Engagement, dedicated to supporting Mozilla contributors - individuals that passionately support, champion and contribute to the Mozilla project. The new team includes David Boswell, Mary Colvig, Gen Kanai, Amie Tyrrel and William Quiviger. Our focus is to:

  • Craft a strategy and a structured approach to scale and increase the effectiveness of our global volunteer and advocate programs.
  • Recruit, mentor and diversify Mozilla's contributor base, and engage with like-minded communities around the world.
  • Work across teams to advise on recruiting and fostering contributors, as well as manage shared communications channels and resources.

Feedback & Questions

Any thoughts you want to share or questions you want answered?


Name Role Feedback Contact info (optional)
juanb I help out with Fx4 testing coordination. Count me in for QA, es-XX contributor engagement tasks. Depending on what kind of feedback you expect, this wiki might not be friendly enough for more elaborate comments.
Rami Mozilla Volunteer Great Idea, the problem that I always face when I want to recruit people to help us in the community is what they help that can do, what I mean what opportunity you can create for them to work on it. I would love if there is a website that have what is done and what still needs work, this will help a lot count me in.
Benjamin Stover Mobile Dev I think we need to remove a *lot* of friction on the browser development side. We need to drop XUL and use more standard web technologies that a broader audience is familiar with. It needs to be easy to hack on the frontend in Firefox, ideally without needing any tools to see changes you make to the source code (just an editor and a way to say "go!"). We need to reduce the time and effort it takes to see changes land on mozilla-central and be proactive about helping new volunteers get something in. We need to improve our tools (bugzilla, graph server, even the wiki). Think about contributing code as an experience. Diagram it out. Craft it. We'll grow our community by orders of magnitude if we get it right.
Janet Swisher Developer Engagement It would be great if Mozilla could apply some of its user experience know-how to the "user experience" of the process of becoming a contributor. It's so hard to figure out where to start, what to do first, etc. jswisher @ mozilla . com
Giacomo Magnini Mozilla volunteer and localizer Hopefully this will help coordinating local initiatives on a quicker and more productive way with Mozilla reps. Some ideas need much more support from Mozilla officials. giacomo.magnini @ mozillaitalia . org
Les Orchard Mozilla Webdev It's difficult for potential contributors to get started hacking on our web sites and services. That's a problem, because that looks like an ever-growing area of concern for Mozilla. I've been thinking about ways to help ease the effort to get started hacking, and I have some ideas (eg. pre-configured, downloadable virtual machines; scripted recipes for setting up personal dev servers; "try" servers for sites; etc). If this ever becomes an official initiative, I would like to help.
Regnard Raquedan Mozilla Philippines Community Leader I think we can benefit by adding more information to folks on how they can contribute in their "own little way."
Paul Booker Mozilla contributor & Open Web advocate @Les +1 A lot of projects are switching to django AMO / SUMO / Drumbeat / .. What do you think of building an engagement platform along side our other projects & developers ? Also how about having a member of the community on the "Contributor Engagement" team. [cough: Ken Saunders] ?
Tomcat QA, Community Engagement, QA L10n Coordinator Count me in for Engagement, QA, L10 and QA and Community. I was Community Member before i got hired so i know where entry barriers could be etc
Vito Smolej l10n SL leader for TB, SuMo, AMO I am missing a more coordinated approach: I have to deal with at least six different project leaders, 3,4 dev environments. Not to mention this does not make it any easier when it comes to involving new people.

Btw, great move from "marketing" to "engagement" - Maybe you're the same people, but y'all look different from this perspective;)
Suresh Packiyarajah Mozilla Volunteer , QA,Mozilla affiliate program it was really good idea to give feedback.I am one of Lead in FOSS at Srilanka. we have to have at lease once a month meeting and get update our facilities to rest of world and what are the our local Firefox users it enough swag/goodies in hand for the up coming events.these are the questions behind us.

hope it's good idea for Mozilla contributors a like us:)
timeless Suggestions for dealing with the review queue