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  • Can we forward crash reports to Microsoft after we crash? We're thinking about stability prioritization within MS, and the fact that they don't look at Socorro
    • Technically yes, in privacy policy terms no [laura]


  • All 3 new reports for the quarter have landed, last (exploitability) will be pushed Wednesday.
  • Correlation reports ready to go in Django and actually seem to work more of the time
  • Queueing (Rabbit) landed: won't go to prod until we have servers (Q3, probably, given Ops availability)
  • New search UI has a PR, is in code review and should land soon
  • Data scrubbing for API has a PR, is in code review, ditto.
  • Q3 goals, anyone? Let's discuss.




  • bug 867226 (abort in mozilla::layers::LayerManagerOGL::CreateFBOWithTexture), previously #1 Mac crash in 22.0b4, looks to be verified fixed in beta 5.
  • No other concerning issues left for 22 Beta, tracking+ crashes are down to 0, crash rate at 1.84 is pretty good as well.



  • A cluster of new crashes (in order of crash volume in yesterday's data) makes Nightly have really bad crash rates:


  • bug 882196 (nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef) is a new Android-specific trunk crash, patch just got r+ over the weekend.
    • regression : bug 882200, we have an untested patch for it which we need a review on.
  • Little data, but no significant issues on Beta for x86 yet.
  • bug 845867 ( continues to be the #1 ARMv6 issue on beta and a top-3 ARMv6 issue on release.
  • bug 871290 - crash in js::ion::Assembler::TraceJumpRelocations
    • fixed on 24, affecting 23; asking for nom.


  • bug 882328 (nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef) is a new B2G-specific trunk crash when opening the Camera app, patch just got r+ on Friday.
  • bug 879478 - [Camera] GraphImpl() returns nullptr on launch, causes app crash
    • fixed on 24; unaffecting 18