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And the crashcats sayeth

When peering in to eyes of the monster and to rally the faithful to attack him, understand the following:

  • The number is ten, and 10 shall be the number.
  • When you arrive at the mythical place that is ten, you may see a 9, and a 12, from time to time
  • 20 is a bad number, and will be for all time.
  • If you don't gather enough of the flock together in one place and one time, then a 27 or a 1, or a 7 might be observed. who knows?
  • a quarter million of the flock can serve, but their service doesn't appear enough to carry the fold forward against the monster in a reliable way.
  • a three-quarter million might be better (but time will tell),
  • we should really shoot for a million or more.
  • if you don't think these numbers are right then suggest new ones.

When battling the monster

  • beware of the top 100, 200, and 300 heads, but also the long tail of the beast; either might slay ye.

Each crisis and measurement leads closer to the goal. Start measuring. Keep measuring.

Remember guidance from risa. [One day the door will open and we will walk through. The unattainable will be attained. Patience. And keep laughing.]