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In order to respond to Flash crash data quickly, bsmedberg has prepared data subsets and graphs on which chart various signatures and statistics broken down by Flash version. This is currently focused entirely on Windows.

In each nightly directory (e.g. there will be two files generated from the full nightly CSV:



This summary includes totals of Flash-related hangs and crashes by OS version, release channel, and Flash version.

This data is used to produce the summary charts at



This summary groups crashes by OS version, release channel, flash version, and signature.

This data can be used to verify that individual signatures are fixed in particular Flash versions, e.g.

It will also be used to produce a "pretty" topcrash report for each flash version each day.

Graph summaries

The graph summaries by Flash version are available from and should update each day on a cron job.

Topcrash breakdowns

Each day the cronjob will produce a daily topcrash and tophang report for each channel, e.g.

It is possible to create custom versions of these reports manually which cover multiple days of data.

export PYTHONPATH=/home/bsmedberg/lib/python2.6/site-packages
# topcrash report for windows XP users from July 21-present
python /home/bsmedberg/ -s 20120721 --winversion=xp > summaryfile.html

Use --help to check for specific options.

Producing a Signature Summary

Breakdowns for individual signatures can be useful to determine whether a particular release of Flash caused or fixed a bug. See for an example.

To produce a signature summary while logged into crash-analysis:

export PYTHONPATH=/home/bsmedberg/lib/python2.6/site-packages
python /home/bsmedberg/ <signature> > some-file.svg

Various options such as --channel can be used to change the default settings. See --help for details.


The code to run these reports is maintained at